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"Make sure you get your facts straight," Anna Kolodner said to me as she received my Haters Magazine business card and took down my name.  "Absolutely," I replied, relishing the patinaed protocols of her and my statements (if it is not wholly inappropriate to utter the word "protocols" in a story of this subject).

The venue was Kehillath Israel, or KI to the hipper people of Brookline, of which I am not.  Assuming you may or may not be as well, various nouns and verbs in this story shall have definitions, keys, and references.  Pardon the self-referential metalanguage and the story within a story if you will, but the nature of this story is a Richardian, which is to say that it is an example of the very thing it wishes to describe, or more accurately, it is a continuation of the event it purports to cover.  Thus the "facts" will be "straight" with the caveat that a good fact or factum bene is not always a bene factum -- a good deed done or a benefaction  -- a good thing said.

"Please say only good things about me and my good faction" is a rather tall order for anyone. I will in fact say good things and bad things.

Kehillath:  From the hebrew word Kehilla, is a Jewish community, or communal organization centered around a synagogue, typically with an immersion pool, a loan society, and a kosher food supervisor.  It is also a quasi-governmental agency.

In Henry Ford and the Jews the author Neil Baldwin says of the Kehillath:

 "the concept of covenanted community is among the most ancient and revered in Jewish history. It is found in the traditional national and spiritual Hebrew phrases for the Jewish people [...] it was incumbent upon Jews to come together in these, representative ways can be found as far back as "the process of electing kings in ancient Israel, constituting the Council of the Four Lands in late-medieval Poland, or forming communities in the modern United States." The Hebrew root word for this dynamic of congregating as an organized community; of equals is kahal or kehillah, and any ten male Jews can create such a self-governing group."

To the editors of the Dearborn Independent, the imagined machi
nations transpiring within these kehillot represented a constant source of potential harm to the surrounding society. Did not the Seventeenth Protocol of the Elders of Zion warn of this ever-present possibility, when it spoke of  "the obligation to denounce apostates or any person known to be opposed to the Kahal"? "When our kingdom comes," the Protocols reputedly said in the oracular voice of imagined rabbis, "it will be necessary for all subjects to serve the state in a similar manner..." As defined in the Independent, "The Kahal is the traditional Jewish political institution during the dispersal of the race among the nations." As far as the Independent was concerned, the kehillah of antiquity had now reached the modern iteration in one dangerous organization, the New York Kehillah. (135)

I admit to being more or less a Fordian.  As I am also a collector of the world's allegedly worst books, I have read "The International Jew," by Henry Ford, and "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" as it was reprinted in Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper.  To the chagrin of many readers, I will not go into the merits or demerits of these writings.  But knowledge of their publication serves as backdrop to this story.  Henry Ford held the Kehillath to be a Jewish Tammany Hall.  "The Protocols" are significant as noted by Hannah Arendt for being an example of the precession of the simulacrum in politics.  Arendt does not use Baudrillard's term "precession of the simulacrum." She says the fact that a patent forgery is being believed is more meaningful than the name of its author.

It is in the context of network centric warfare, precession of the simulacrum (the notion that map takes precedence over territory), and a war between patent forgers that I found myself in the Kehillath Israel at 7:30 PM at The David Project's presentation on Wednesday, 6/20/07 entitled: "Defeating the Islamic Society of Boston's Lawsuit: Why It Happened and What It Means."  I attended this event, navigated the police presence and metal detectors typical of Jewish Nationalist functions, collected some free literature, took a seat in the synagogue portion of the compound, observed the American and Israeli flags being flown as correct protocol for a political function, listened to the three speakers and took notes.  Afterwards, I met and shook hands with Charles Jacobs, and Anna Kolodner, and talked to Anna briefly.

I first developed an interest in Charles Jacobs as a subsidiary interest in the nongovernmental agencies, the Federal Government Corporations, the eminent domain real estate swindlers, the Massports, the Bechtels, the Halliburtons, the Carlyle Groups, the political action committees, the AIPACs, the private intelligence companies, the JINSAs, the mercinary groups, the Blackwaters, the insurance scams, the FEMAs that I believe are destroying or have destroyed the United States as a representative democratic republic, and the Coldwell Bankers, the Bank of America, the Citigroup, and other federal monopolies that barrage us with junk mail, triple our fees at the spanish speaking ATM, and generally eliminate the possibilities of hard working, cash saving family-oriented Americans from acquiring a home. 

As a former resident of Allston, Massachusetts I am familiar with daily living in a city without a workable transportation system, in a suburb in the greater metropolittan area with no functional local city hall, and with absentee landlords in Brookline, Newton, and Belmont parasitizing neighborhoods and converting two family homes into five student per floor, four figure rental dormitories with rats, bedbugs, cooties, illegal extensions, illegal parking lots, convenient to the sprawling cartel of college properties and liquor stores.  I am familiar with the incompatibility of factory farmed freshmen and resident Bostonian commuters who jam onto the Green Line or face the American OPEC cartel's escalating gas prices and Boston's makework construction debacles to earn that good ole' slip of paper from the ADP paycheck monopoly that won't pay that Samia Company rent.  In sort, I have enjoyed the world where there is nothing to do but get hit by a car in between eating at Taco Bell, 7/11, Dunkin Donuts, Hess, and Store 24.  But for my forays into the racial enclaves of Greater Boston, it is a life bereft of hamentashen (cookies) and gang warfare.  Hence also the pull of Boston's tribal hinterlands.

But I digress. 

I used to talk to BU's Richard Landes back during the Divest Israel days.  For me this was round two of the Campus Wars that took place in 1995 which was the year I graduated from the University of New Hampshire and moved to Boston to build a rap studio.  The short version of the Campus Wars story is that the FBI hired a member of the terrorist group Jewish Defense League to coax Quibilah Shabazz (Malcolm X's daughter) into hiring him as a hit man to kill Louis Farrakhan.  Jewish Defense League was listed as a terrorist organization by Hatewatch after an email campaign by myself and others forced them to add Zionist terrorists to their primarily Chiristian, Nazi and Black Hebrew blacklist of targets.  Ultimately, the leader of the ADL, Irv Rubin cut his own throat in prison having been jailed for pipebomb terrorism and plotting to kill Republican Congressman Darrell Issa. 

Also, Qubilah's son was taken from her custody and placed into the custody of Malcolm X's widow, Betty Shabazz, whose house he burned in an act of rage, causing her to die of her wounds.  This chaos initiated by the FBI took place because Betty Shabazz reconciled with Louis Farrakhan, thereby patching the old rift in the Black Nationalist community which parted ways with the Jews of the New Left during the rise of Israel as a nuclear power in the 1960's and 1970s.  During the late 1990's college campuses across the country were rocked by Afrocentrist vs Hellenic Judeocentrists, and we saw the books (Muslim) Sheikh Anton Diop's Stolen Legacy and
Wellesley College (Jewish) Mary Lefkowitz's Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth As History.  Therein, Diop accuses the Greeks of stealing Classic civilization from the Egyptians, and Lefkowitz volleys back by accusing the black (muslims) of being Masons, and she reattributes to Jews the credit for Greek (read Phonician) civilization.  These books both have merits and demerits that I will not go into.  Lefkowitz duked it out with Ron Karenga (father of Kwanzaa and the African Menorah) on NPR. 

This was the first (but not last) time I had read a Lithuanian or Eastern European Jewish personality go batshit ballistic against afro-muslim anything.  She was joined by the tritone chorus of Dinesh D'Souza, and David Horowitz.  Dinesh is a Hoover Institutionalist, that is to say a 2nd worlder who has learned to walk on his hind legs as a conservative Republican, e.g. the dot Indian forerunner to Townhall's Michelle Malkin.  David Horowitz is a Left Schachtmanite Communist cum Neoconservative who left the staff of Ramparts to support Zionism instead of Black Nationalism.  He wrote some hysterical articles comparing prominent east coast rap acts like Boogie Down Productions (BDP) and Poor Righteous Teachers (PRT) to the KKK.  He also booked a deliberately underspaced publicity tour against Slavery Reparations which used the BU campus and newspaper parasitically, by buying a full page in the paper, printing a diatribe and challenge to come to his debate, allowing major local media into the debate, and blocking college students and independent journalists from entering the debate.  I myself was ejected from the hall by a police officer who was acting on behalf of a "bona fide" (read cartel) journalist who did not recognize me as one of his own. 

It was through David Horowitz and his Center For the Study of Popular Culture which is an academic front organization, that I discovered the noun "Hasbara."  Like the comedian says "Shalom is Hebrew for aloha," hasbara is Hebrew for samizdat, which is a soviet infoshop or soviet indymedia center.  A hasbara is a Zionist apologetics organization which disseminates propaganda on behalf of the constructed and as yet unconstructed Israel.  Having familiarized myself with the many Hasbaras of the United States, including Townhall.com, Frontpage, CAMERA, Birthright Israel, and even Radio TKK at Westwood One, I found not only the network of Zionist propaganda outfits in our midst, but also the source of many attacks on the hip hop community, the peacenik community, and the source of impetus behind the tribal war drum urging us on to Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and other destinations along the Clean Break Strategy white paper's itinerary of conquest.  I came to Charles Jacobs' name via Benador Associates, of whose list of experts he inhabits.

The list is: Frank J. Gaffney, Alexander M. Haig, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, Walid Phares, Richard Pipes, Amir Taheri, and Meyrav Wurmser, in short order, a laundry list of Townhall and Poynter Institute and American Enterprise Institute favored Israeli Intelligence agents, one attempted United States coup member (Haig), various persons with military industrial conflicts of interest, who advise, budget for, and then sell the same military weapons to the Pentagon, former Young Socialists, and one person (Taheri) who seeds the foreign press with false news stories to agitate the US to go to war with Iran.  I covered that particular story in Star of David Misses Target. 

Charles Jacobs teamed up with Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels. The American Anti-Slavery Group of Boston, is headed by Jacobs and was awarded the Boston Freedom Award by Coretta Scott King.  A fair mind recognizes that slavery is an abomination.  A fair mind also recognizes that apartheid is an abomination.  Jacobs does not believe apartheid exists in Israel, and repeated this on Wednesday at Kehillath Israel.  Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu told me in person that it does, and I consider him an expert on apartheid.  Tutu was vehemently denounced, and denied clearance to travel to Israel on a fact finding mission after one of Israel's "accidental" shellings of its neighbors which was of course done with the best of intentions.

Curtis Sliwa is of course the red bereted kook who threatens to send his red clad ninja army into Boston whenever Jewish girls get shot by stray bullets at Dorchester afterparties.  I have spoken with three Haters Mag staff partners, all African American, who think that gang violence and anti-gang violence, drug killing and policing of Inner Boston blacks by Lower New York whites and Jews are a bad thing.  Personally, I think kids should be in college and high school, not standing around the T station in Masonic McDonaldland Kung Fu uniforms.  Thus do I stablish and amplify the Bostonian's impression of New York's self-promoting socialist and zionist watchdog organizations, and the derision and suspicion with which they and their press releases to the Globe, Herald, and Metro are viewed.

Dr. Jacobs' endorsement by Coretta Scott King notwithstanding, my impression is that Dr. Jacobs' principal interest in that organization is in destabilizing the Islamic dictator and Janjaweed of Sudan.  This is also not a bad thing.  We Americans are in principle opposed to dictatorship, mass slaughter of innocents by renegade marauders, religious fundamentalism, and slavery.  I say "in principle."  And by "we Americans" I of course mean also we who abolished slavery, or more accurately, we whose ancestors abolished slavery, we whose ancestors fought for the Union, we Freedom Riders, etc.  I do not mean "we Social Gospelites, we inheritors of the Permanent French Revolution, or we Neoconservative Trotskyists."  That optimistic clarification being made, I permit myself the cynical observation that Dr. Jacobs is more interested in destabilizing Muslim institutions than he is in freeing slaves or judging media fairness.  I am also convinced by reading the prolific information released under the FOIA that the FBI killed Martin Luther King and Malcolm X with the help of white and Jewish nationalists and some street recruited black scumbags.  This is of course my "conspiracy theory" and of course I am a crackpot myself for suggesting this.  Nevertheless I reside in a country which sent weapons and money to the Taliban, nukes to Iran via Israel, shook hands with Saddam Hussain, invited him to invade Kuwait, and then waged wholesale warfare on the Middle East.  Crackpot I, from a nation of crackpots.

Due to my era of birth and my education, I saw the construction of an Orthodox Muslim Mosque on Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury as the most interesting development since the black helicopters chased people down Malcolm X Boulevard in New York at a Khallid Muhammad Rally in '08/09.  Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) has a Cambridge mini-mosque near my DJ's house in North Cambridge.  My friend Biggah who collaborated on my solo album converted to Islam from a loosely observed Hip Hop / Five Percent Nation of Islam.  We have discussed the potential merits and demerits of having the biggest mosque in the United States pop up in our fair city.  We of course took amused interest when a prominent Jewish group took immediate actions to prevent this house of worship from being constructed.  Long have we conversed and reasoned about the philosophies and religions within Hip Hop and of Hip Hop's detractors.  We had discussed D'Souza, Lefkowitz, and Horowitz before.  We have discussed Abe Foxman's, Time and Newsweek's rivalry with Louis Farrakhan, the shutdown of the Arsenio Hall Show, and Newsweek's hatred of Hip Hop and Snoop Dogg.

I am the atheist of our crew, but also the one who goes the deepest into the motives associations and affiliations of people and organizations within, tangental to, and adversarial to Hip Hop.  Though I disagree with various odd statements of Wise Intelligent of PRT, I took his words seriously when he called for the need for a counter-Cointelpro force within Hip Hop.  As T-Nyne, Game, Biggah, RPMC and I laid the foundations of Haters Magazine, we stressed the need to integrate rap music with rap photography, rap politics, and rap intelligence.  In these respects we witnessed the founding and collapse of The Source, the rise and fall of certain emcees, the tenuous rise and fall of local rap radio stations, and the coming and going of political and religious influences in the ultra East Coast rap scene.  As a current function of our exercise we have pushed into many realms of Boston, and also stepped on the toes of Davey D, Landspeed Records, Metro Concepts, What's Up Magazine, Boston Indymedia Center, all local activist groups and cockblockers, and are now tapping the toe of Jewish Nationalist groups who have designs on Cambridge, Boston, and Roxbury real estate.

Thus was I at the David Project's info session at KI, understanding it to be an afterparty and planning session for the next round of media warfare in which the Clean Break Zionists would spin their Goliath of organizations into a David, gnash teeth, and make boasts over the Philistine giant that they had slain with the help of pro-bono lawyers, and that paragon of papers, the Boston Herald.  I did find a more subdued event than I expected, certainly not in sync with a Dearborn Independent's image of a dungeon of depravity, machination, and moneylending.  I was moved, slightly, by speaker Ahmed Mansour's statements that 1) "You cannot fight a war of ideas as a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim." 2) "I defend Israel because I love Egypt and I love my religion.  The enemy of Islam is not the Jews, it is the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahabbists." and 3) "Once you would kill a civilian in the next camp, you would kill a civilian in your own camp the next day."  I was impressed by Mr. Mansour's holding of ideas and freedom above religious fundamentalism.  I was not moved to the point of believing that fat oil sultans in Saudi Arabia do not inspire people to kill them.  Mr. Mansour did not claim this, but it is part and parcel to believing that Muslim Brotherhood, Wahabbists, Hamas, and Hezbollah have no context within the solpisistic world of Judaism and oil mining.

I was moved by the humorous points of  David Project's pro-bono lawyer Jeffrey Robbins' presentation in which he shows a significant portion of Islamic Society of Boston's Mosque trusteeship to be vocal supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah. It is no surprise, considering that in this effed up system of college and municipal patronage that any new house of worship would most likely be built on a college campus, and involve a conflict of interest with The Boston Redevelopment Authority or Mumbles Menino (kind father of our Hip Hop Peace and Unity Festival, and the mission to abolish the Second Amendment for residents of Massachusetts) and be opposed by another house of worship with contrary beliefs and competing expertise in real estate manipulation.  I am fair minded enough to believe that ISB's bluff was called in court, and that David Project therefore won the battle but lost the war to prevent Muslims from having infrastructure in the same city that Jews have infrastructure.  As an atheist, I find the whole thing amusing.  I would not go so far as to support Robbin's contention that Al Qaeda would more or less run the Gate of Roxbury as a Saudi Arabian absentee landlord.  I was also amused at pro-bono Robbin's admitted attempt to bill court his costs to ISB -- almost as amused as when Larry Silverstein tried to double collect on the WTC collapse.  This is Boston, after all, so the humor like everything, is on a 1/5 smaller scale than New York.

Charles Jacobs' portion of the presentation was smooth and swift.  He got off the word "Nazi" three times in the first two minutes of his opening remarks.  He brought to my attention the "New Antisemitism" which is always upsurging like the "Good news" of Christ's ressurrection.  He brought my attention to a danger which had completely escaped my radar until Wednesday: The Problem of Anti-Semitic Crossword Puzzles In Muslim Mosques.  I have to admit, that that could be the most serious threat to humanity since the spread of Sudoku.  I was amused by the rage poured out in measured tones against Jimmy Carter, who on top of failing to mitigate OPEC's retaliation for our financial and military patronage of Israel also had the nerve (Chutzpah?) to write a book which is "a curse against Jews displayed in the front window of the bookstore."  Is a Jewish Kristallnacht coming?  I doubt it.  People in glass houses, and all.  Kehillath Israel is a glass house with one book across the street from Barnes and Noble, another glass house with many books, but without the delightful window engravings.  I believe both are here to stay.

I was put off by a few things.  Nothing major, mere matters of aesthetics.  I thought the decor of KI was lacking in geometric complexity.  The voice of the Rabbi was irritatingly effeminate, and his use of the Torah to equate defense of Zion with an implicit duty to defend Zionism, which of course means extend Zionism I found particularly vomitorious, but as my pal Isaac Bresnick would say "You went there voluntarily, buddy" which is true. You don't go to a house of worship if you don't expressly want to hear what sounds like gay epileptic hermaphrodites on hallucinogens speaking of bondage, and I do.  Dr. Jacobs also stressed thrice that Muslims were out to kill homosexuals and women, which made for amusing anecdotes. Skipping back to some other random comments, my Allstonian renter's mind thought "Anna Kolodner daughter of Holocaust Survivors" was funny when the speaker appended it to the "bedbug of the ISB."  This makes me think that Dan the Bagelman Kontoff might have a few words with her, and they might cancel one another out.  The lawyer quoting Borat was also just not funny.  But I am biased against the Ali G. Show as I have a long standing hatred of schtick rappers.

I am unaccustomed to seeing national flags in a house of worship, believing them to belong on gas stations and car dealerships, but hey, I am no Jehovah's Witness and I know how to fold a flag.  They saved money on function halls, and created a congregational atmosphere for the event.  The air conditioning was also delightful.

The meeting ran from 7:30 to 9:45 with a few hundred people in attendance.  A special shout out to the Jewish Lauryn Hill who sat in the row in front of me with her blinged out wristwatch, her japanese hornrim glasses, and who raised her hand when they asked if anyone had been to a David Project event before.  I had to fold down my tray.  I was also surprised, but Anna Kolodner looked a fair deal prettier than the CNN screenshot that the uberkook PF Soto is running on her Rule19.org "Zionist Spies" webpage.  PF Soto is damaged goods along with Karin Friedemann.* Friedemann who although generously released to the entire public (including an [unsolicited] reprint by David Duke) the discovery emails of David Project's campaign against ISB also bombarded the hell out of my email and invited me to join her newsgroup of her Joachim Martillo styled Islamic-Converso rants.  She also rolls too closely with David Rolde who is Belmont MA's overweight self-avowed Hamas and Hezbollah supporter within the Massachusetts Green Party.

The discovery emails show that The David Project was really all about taking down the ISB using any and every means available.  Charles Jacobs furthered this point at KI by saying that only the ISB was targetted, and that he has no interest in wholesale investigations of every new house of worship built in Boston, only those believed to be sponsored by Saudi Arabia.  You know, the place where Mecca is.  If I were to construct a media lobby group with pro-bono lawyers, college shell organizations, and assail the next new Boston Kehillath and Synagogue on the basis that it is sponsored by Israeli Extremists, known supporters of Irgun and Betar, I would of course have lots of luck, well wishing, and the peace love and understanding of the local community.

A few observations bear mentioning on the subject of real estate. 

Citizens for Peace and Tolerance draws its authority from the fact that Dennis Hale is a Boston College professor of history.  I find his additional title, Episcopal Political Science Professor to be repellent. I am not so Fordian as to say that "History is more or less the bunk," but I am no Hegelian.  I am also less inclined to "feel authority" as it emanates from a shell organization of a Hasbara pointed to as an independently existing other by its parent.  BU has its tenured haters of Hip Hop, Nietzsche, and Capitalism, as well as its espousers of Jesuitism and Social Gospel, and its grand abutment of Archdiocesal lands which the rest of us humbly refer to as The Neverland Ranch of Boston.  BC is part of the college industrial complex, and its course teachers ranging from Brookings Institutionalists to Indymedia Boston refugees.  The common view is that at one time or another some college or other is going to consume one neighborhood or another.  So, this point of authority is somewhat skewed.

I was also repelled by the fact that The David Project syndicated (for lack of a better word) its story to CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network.  Raise your hands if there are any Pat Robertson / 700 Club fans out there.  I thought not.  I would sooner join Tekiah, the coalition of "non-extremist, less fanatical Jews," to use a AIPAC / JINSA turn of phrase.  Tekiah although opposed to Muslim terrorism, is also opposed to a church of one religious group attacking the First Amendment of another religious group.  I submit, to invert Frank Gaffney, Gerald Posner, Charles Krauthammer and Co., that we freedom-loving Americans should disfavor this more extremist, tribalist, and religious fanatical type of Jew in favor of the more moderate, more well behaved, and less lunatic form of Ultranationalist Jew -- if I may pour on to excess the full measure of the accepted jingoism.  Returning to the issue of Pat Robertson, his Christian theme park and hotel chain in Israel is of course the the most secular-hell-earning thing since the PTL Club's amusement park.  Christian Zionists and their partners, British Israelists belong down the swirling toilet of neo-nazism.  Charles Jacobs should not cling to them too tightly as they swirl on down.

Changing tracks, real estate divestiture is a strange horse to ride.  Without going into it, Joe Curtatone who tried to extort homeland security for funds during the DNC, and who has Israel junkets waved in his face by Christmas-Hating mall builders is poised to be the McGreevey of Somerville.  His continued opposition to Israeli Divestiture notwithstanding, divestiture has metamorphosed into something Rachel Fish (of DP) does against Harvard's Muslim contributors, and Save Darfur does against anyone holding stocks which relate in any way to Sudan.  Divestiture is now the weapon of pro-Israeli nationalists, in a spectacular yet equally dubious and cynically organized moral posture.  Again, the core targets are absentee landlords but of the most immense caliber and degree of corruption.  So corrupt.  How corrupt?  Corrupt enough to sell a Business School to Schachtmanite Jeane Kirkpatrick's elbow rubber, B.U.s John Silber shortly before he and Billy Bulger are ousted with massive severance packages, and Rafik Hariri is assassinated with C4.  Ah, college.

If anything consoles, it is the wise words of David Project member, Tal Ben-Shahar: "How to be happy? Give yourself permission to be human."  I am sure I do.  I even give other people of other races and religions permission to be human, and I hope you do to.

And get your facts straight before you write anythingThe Boston Globe's version of the facts are that Anna Kolodner and Monty Gold own at least six $4,000 per unit college ghetto units in Mission Hill, one of which caught on fire and burned due to gross negligence and lack of maintenance.  Monty Gold's version of the facts is that he doesn't own buildings in Mission Park (though his name is on them), and Anna's version of the facts is that "the residents of those buildings were lucky we maintained them as diligently as we did, for the students were in the habit of destroying the place and tearing out the smoke detectors. I am known as a good landlord by my tenants. The Globe article is spurious."  I am in no position to pass verdict on which are the good facts in that matter.  The first item that pops up in a Google search of Anna Kolodner is a .pdf  wherein she and Monty Gold appear as defendants in a mansion contractor deal gone awry.  The contractors are proven to be wrong, but Kolodner and Gold's real estate expertise is bolstered.  Anna's version of the facts is that "Monty Gold has nothing to do with this [meaning the David Project]" but the discovery emails in the ISB case show that when Anna was trying to find a (shill) plaintiff to "independently" sue ISB over church and state and/or zoning issues or any issues that would stick, she offered "my husband Monty Gold is willing to be part of a group of plaintiffs [...] Filing the lawsuit will be the initial lead/newsworthy component of the angles." 

The facts impress me as good facts.  But what of the terminology? Anna counsels me that "the term absentee landlord implies a great deal of bad things, and I would not like to be lumped in with them.  Generally it is the case that most real estate in Boston is not owned by people who live there."  To which I replied, "Indeed. And yet because of the fact that the majority of Dr. Jacobs and Mr. Robbin's presentations hinge on the fact that the ISB is owned by absentee landlords with little or no consideration for our laws, communities, or well being, and who might in their heart of hearts hate us, sharp minds would contrast this with the ethics of the David Project." 

"The David Project does not own property," Anna said.  And I said "No, but the way in which its members administrate property could impugn its reputation and the case it wishes to make against the ISB."

I shall not say that it does.  And as Charles Jacobs will note, I shall not say that it does not.  I do believe that the way Benador, Save Darfur, and other Hasbaras use the media does impugn The David Project as project-du-jour in the media.  Since we are all playing the same game and describing what could be construed, if we in fact actually believed the garbage that we write for public consumption, we are in the postion selecting the goodness of our facts based upon the degree in which they bend people to our will, and we appear as their benefactors.

Discovery Emails



Karin Friedemann status upgraded to "eccentric:"

Fri, Jul 06, 2007


I was wondering if you could explain to me what you mean by "damaged goods"? As far as I know, you have never met me. David Duke has posted the writings of Walt and Mearshimer as well as Norman Finkelstein so I doubt that is the source of the taint... could you be referring to the JCRC anti-divestment website, which tells some interesting tall tales about me, but is utter bulllshit written by someone who has never met me? Joachim Martillo has occasionally been posted on WVNS but not that often. WVNS does not post any conversation or rants at all... essays/articles only as a rule. I have never met PF, I do know David. But I rarely attend a protest since I am home with my children aged 10 months to 8 years. So I'm sure you weren't referring to my chastity with your unflattering reference. There is someone who has known me since childhood, that is Josh Meisler of Joint Chiefs. I don't think he likes me, since I'm friends with his ex-wife, but he can tell you whatever you want to know, so you can stop speculating. Maybe you can make me some kind of dance mix CD for me to listen to while I'm stirring the spaghetti sauce, to make up for your uncouth mouth.


Fri, Jul 06, 2007

Regarding Darfur,

If you are against David Rolde's statement - ie you support an Iraq-style military occupation and sanctions regime on Sudan, it means you are FOR the deliberate starvation of Africans, and AGAINST respect for the sovereignity of African nations - ie you think it's cool for US neocon corporations to steal Sudan's oil. Only Zionist propagandists accuse Sudan of genocide. It's a PR campaign concocted by Charles Jacobs. You are I guess willfully ignorant, since you refused to respect my kind invitations to educate you.

Karin Friedemann objects strenuously to being portrayed as an Islamicist fanatic and insists that various fanatics syndicating some of her more terse writings are doing so without her solicitation.  I accept this at face value.  However, her second letter is patently ridiculous.  Not only is David Rolde a serious kook, his public activity mars any statements of fact that he may make on various occasion when he is not dressed in a burqa holding up Hezbollah and Hamas placards. 

Karin seems to have no conception that Islamic brigands ever starve Africans or compromise their self-rule.  It is not true that only Zionist propagandists accuse Sudan of genocide.  It is also not true that all anti-zionist jews have the same knee jerk opinion in favor of the Janjaweed.  My article on its face indicates that I do not concede to Charles Jacobs' propaganda campaign.  I am at times willfully ignorant to the convoluted and patronizing expressions of wiggerdom including that of the NECDP, but this is because I take a strong stance against brainwashing, and do not believe in the Zionist Friend-Enemy Matrix.  One is not automatically for Right Schactmanites if one is against Left Schachtmanites.