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The Spyder Pages

Here are several articles specific to the Spyder. Though, if you have another type of blowback marker, you may find some good suggestions as well. Most all blowbacks will have the same, basic layout. Especially the Spyder Clones. Even if you do not have a blowback, the articles here may help with your marker. Feel free to read them through. I geared the articles below to be useable with any of the Kingman products. Whether you have an Xtra, a Spyder One, or the newest of the bunch complete with an electronic frame like the Electra DX, all of the articles below pertain to your Spyder. I am not an official Kingman tech. But given the content of these pages, I could be. (I know, I am "humble") The following is the authors opinion and is not part of Kingman International. If you like the content and is of benefit to you, you can help keep the site going by a donation. Read more here.

Spyder Related F.A.Q.'s

Spyder F.A.Q.
Wanted to cover some real basic and very common problems relating to the Kingman Spyder.
How a Spyder Works - Animation
Just how does the Spyder fire a paintball. I include an animation!
Basic Upkeep of your Spyder
You got yourself a new toy? Here is the best way to take care of your marker. I also explain getting a tool box together (very important) and o-ring sizes. Will also discuss the right oil to use.
Assemble and Disassembly
Here is instructions on how to take apart and put back together your Spyder. Also, how to change the springs and cup seal.
Troubleshooting your Spyder
Your having trouble? I covered most of them here. Take a look for a solution.
Upgrades - F.A.Q.
What are the best (and worst) upgrades out on the market. There is so much to choose from. I want to make my Spyder really awsome. Well, I tried to put things that will benefit in order.

Advanced Spyder Information

Low Pressure (LP) - F.A.Q.
You have heard about it. See what this debateable conversion can do.
Project - LP
A step by step process of converting a stock Spyder 2-in-1 to a LP Spyder. Expect alot of information on what I did, my trial and errors, and other information.

VS Series marker (VS2 & VS3)

Upkeep - F.A.Q.
The new and improved Spyder. Need to take care of it. Here are some tips that I suggest.
The Disassembly and Assembly Guide
The VS is easy to break down and clean up. However, there are a few extra items that one may wonder where they go as compared to a standard Spyder.
The VS marker giving you some trouble? Try this guide to figure it out.
Upgrades - F.A.Q.
You have a great shooting marker out of the box. However, you just want to take it to the next step. Some suggestions for upgrading the VS series of markers.

EM1 Related F.A.Q.'s

EM1 Works
Just an overview of the various parts and what they do.
EM1 Upkeep
Some tips and suggestions on how to upkeep your EM1.
EM1 Upgrades
Humble, yet performance enhancing upgrade suggestions.
EM1 Disassembly and Reassembly
How to take your EM1 completely apart and back together again.

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Raven Primal Related F.A.Q.'s

How a Primal Works
Just an overview of the various parts and what they do.
Primal Upkeep
Some tips and suggestions on how to upkeep your Primal.
Primal Upgrades
Humble, yet performance enhancing upgrade suggestions.
Primal Disassembly and Reassembly
How to take your Primal completely apart and back together again.

Reviews that may be useful to your Spyder

VS2 and VS3 Review
Like most of my reviews, I can be wordy. This review of the newest release from Kingman is no exception. I take if from the box to breakdown. I even shoot it to get and share with you my honest opinion on the marker.
Sundragon Trigger
Need a new trigger for the ESP? Try one of these!
Nightstriker XL
A new striker made out of Nylatron from Insane Pain Sports.
An upgrade for your ESP and Sprint frame. With eyes.
IS Board
Yet another upgrade for your ESP and Sprint frame Kingman trigger. This also has eyes.
XSF Board
Another upgrade for your ESP and Sprint frame. With eyes.
Kingman ESP Frame
The ESP frame. The Sprint frame offered by Kingman is basically the same. The only difference is that the Sprint comes in colors and is made of composite. That is it.
Boo-Yaah eLCD/Mako Storm
This frame is what started the e-frames for Spyders and it's clones. They are no longer around, but the frames can be found at a deal.
CenterFlag HyperFrame
The tonka truck of the e-frames. This was introduced around the same time as the Boo-Yaah, but is still widely supported. Worth the extra cost.
AGD Warp Feed
Why not add the Warp Feed to a Spyder. I did!

Spyder Home Modifications Section

If you attempt to do any of the home modifications listed on this site, I am not responsible for any damage done to, or from, modifying your marker. Also, by doing any of these modifications, you will void warranty of the marker. The home modifications that I share is not supported by Kingman.

Home Modifications for Paintball Markers

Stock Bolt Modification
Would you believe that your stock bolt with some work would be the best bolt than any of the other bolts on the marker? It is true. I have tested many bolts and nothing is better than a modified bolt. Unless your going Low Pressure.
Rear Cocking Bolt Modification
It is more of a cosmetic look. But a very cool look if it apeals to you.
Polishing Internals
Polishing your internals will provide a much better operation internally. So much that you can add velocity by doing this simple modification.
Vertical Adapter or Body Mounted Gauge
Want to add a gauge to see what your operating pressure is? Here is how you can do it. Useful for those that are running low pressure or those regulators that do not have a guage port.
Vertical Adapter Mod
Modify your existing vertical adaptor for higher flow. Could help with a re-cocking issues.
Valve Pin and Valve Body Modifications
Another modification that you can do to improve air flow.
Quick Strip Pin
Not all Spyders has that pull pin in the back for quick and fast field disassembly. Here is what you need to install one.
Mechanical Trigger Jobs
Several versions of modifying your trigger. From the permanant to the adjustable. This pertains to the mechanical triggers. Not electronic triggers. For electronic triggers, see below.
50g Switch Installation
For those wanting to install the 50g switch, here is how.
Poorman's Blade Sweetspot
Cheap way of getting that cool sweetspot trigger that CheckIt puts out.
Magnetic Trigger Return
This is not mine. But one worth being on my site. This mod has been done to a Bushmaster with great success!!
Clear Grips
An interesting modification that provides you with a clear grip for your e-frame. Or, your regular trigger frame.
Eye Hardware Installation
For those that want to install the eyes for the drop in boards for the ESP frame (IS, T, and XSF boards), here is how you can do yours.
Paint Your Marker
Sick of the hum-drum color from the factory? Add a unique and personal touch to your marker.

Advanced Modifications

Spyder to Intimidator Conversion

Spyder to Intimidator
Here is the Spyder to Intimidator conversion. It is easy to do. Just drill a few holes for the eyes, air line access, and eye covers. Course, if you do not want to use eyes, then there is only one hole needed to drill for the entire conversion.

Spyder Convertable

Spyder Convertable
Is it a direct feed Spyder, or a holsterable spring feed Spyder? Why not convert from one to the other in minutes. It was an interesting project I did. I combined a PT Enforcer with a PoleCat Straight feed, and a little of my engineering talent.

The SpyderCocker Section

SpyderCocker X (Not Mine)
Here is the SpyderCocker X. This is not mine. But I wanted to preserve this incase the original site goes down.
SpyderCocker One (Not Mine)
Here is the SpyderCocker One by Ian Z.. A very nice step-by-step on how he made his own Spyder Cocker.
Electro SpyderCocker (Not Mine)
Inspired by the SpyderCocker X, but in an electronic way.
PiraCocker(Not Mine)
Well, we have seen Spyders be transformed into a closed bolt marker. How about a Pirahna? A Frenchmen did it.
Quick note:

I hope that you find this information useful to your paintball experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Contact page.