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London is located midway between Detroit and Toronto at the junction of the NAFTA Superhighway. Two NAFTA superhighway routes currently exist. One crosses the U.S.-Canada border at Sarnia/Port Huron, utilizing the Highway 402/401 corridor to access U.S. markets. The other route is at Windsor/Detroit utilizing the Highway 401 corridor.

Canadian National Rail Freight

CN Rail Freight provides service to local industry for both outbound and inbound shipment of goods and materials. CN is the only railway in North America to cross the continent East-West and North-South serving ports on the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts, providing shippers with many options to reach markets in all three NAFTA nations.

Canadian Pacific Railway Freight

Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) is a Class 1 North American railway, providing freight transportation services over a 14,000-mile network in Canada and the United States. This network serves major Canadian ports and cities from Montreal to Vancouver, and key centres in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast. Its Vancouver-Chicago corridor provides shippers with the most direct route between these two key transportation centres, while its Montreal-Chicago corridor is part of the most direct route from Europe to the U.S. Midwest. With eight Canada/U.S. border crossings, CPR customers have access to the Pacific Northwest, the southern U.S. and Mexico.

London International Airport

London International Airport is the 12th busiest passenger airport in Canada, serving 350,000 travelers and a reported 125,000 aircraft movements annually. In 2003, London International Airport launched a brand new 80,000 square ft terminal building, and a wide range of new and innovative services.

Via Rail London

Via Rail's London passenger terminal is the fourth busiest in Canada. Fourteen trains per day serve the London station with connections to Toronto, Sarnia and Windsor. A recently upgraded terminal provides a high standard of customer comfort, convenience and service.

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London Advanced Border Processing Centre

A centre of excellence that services those drivers who do not have the means to transmit customs information prior to arrival at the U.S. / Canada border. This facility is supported by both U.S. Customs and Canada Customs and meets the U.S. Customs requirements for pre-arrival information.

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