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These are so easy.  I have made several for my grandsons. They have the habit of stripping their mattress before they settle down for the night.


  • 2 pieces of flannel the length of your crib mattress plus 6" and the width of your mattress 6" 
  • Velcro hook and loop tape - about 9" of each
  • Thread to match


What we are going to make here is essentially a very large pillowcase that
fits over the mattress and closes off at one end with the velcro.

Measure your crib mattress and cut your fabric using the measurements above.

Put the 2 pieces of fabric right sides together. Stitch using a straight stitch around 2 long sides and one short end.

Leave other end open.

Press under 1/4" on raw edges of open end.

Turn under another 1/4" and stitch.

Cut Velcro hook and loop tape into 3 3" pieces.

Stitch hook pieces (one at either end, one in the middle) on one edge and
loop pieces on other edge.d

Slip sheet over mattress and enclose open end with Velcro.  Poke in the corners and you're finished.

There you go, simple and easy as pie and guaranteed cozy for that special baby.

We also have some book recommendations to make for baby nurseries on the
front page of our site. Some of these ideas are so cute, just irresistable.

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