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Imagine, simplicity at its best
Meeting the demand for simplicity, the X200 offers an enticing folder design with easy to use features
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Features Specifications Accessories
1) Light as a feather.
Timeless design. The slim, timeless design of Samsung X200 with its clamshell silver casing is just the thing for everyone who values style and essential functions. And at just 77g, it's one of the lightest phone in its class. Make Samsung X200 the classic statement for your mobile lifestyle.
2) Simply Brilliant
Reliable Communication. Communication only works with a reliable exchange of information. The Samsung X200 offers communication at its best. Clear menus and straightforward operations mean that the SGH-X200 has everything you can expect from a classic, ultra-functional mobile phone. What's more, its large keys make it comfortable and easy to operate. Simple yet brilliant - the SGH-X200 is the phone you can rely on.
3) Be on the safe side
Handsfree function.
Got your hands full? The SGH-X200's hands-free button allows you to talk even when you are busy and you can even let others join in the conversation with the speakerphone function. And with its long battery life, you can keep your conversation going strong.
4) Other features
- Tri-band
- Emotion Icons
- 1,000 phonebook entries
- 40-chord Polyphonics Ringtones
- Java Games
- Personal Organiser
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