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Home Loans Bring Would-Be Homeowners Closer to their Goal

If you’re looking to buy a house, it’s unlikely that, in today’s economy, you’ll be able to pay in full up front. That’s why home loans exist – to aid aspiring homeowners in acquiring and financing the homes they’ve dreamed of – without bankrupting them in the process. Home loans can be acquired through banks and home loan companies. Either route you take, you’re entitled to personal service by a representative who will review your finances, credit report, and help you decide which is the best home loan solution for your needs. In order to gather all the information they need, the bank or loan company will re-appraise the market value of your house to determine the proper loan amount. You will then work together to go over the different loan options available and determine which is best for your personal situation.

Different Home Loans for Different Folks

There are two main types of home loans, each with its own advantages. Fixed-rate loans divide the amount to be repaid over a set number of years. “Fixed rate” means that no matter how the interest rate fluctuates over the years, the amount of payment will remain the same. If the interest rate dips, your mortgage consultant will help you refinance to take advantage of the lower rate. In contrast, adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are dependent on the fluctuation of the interest rate over time. When the rate is low, payments are low, but when interest rates are high, the payment increases also. ARMs are slightly easier to qualify for than fixed-rate loans, but they also carry more risks.

When you are choosing a home loans company, take into consideration the additional “home loan origination fee” (usually 1% of the total amount borrow, so if you borrow $100,000, the fee is $100), as well as closing, settlement and appraisal fees. Most companies will allow you to “roll” these fees into your home loan, an excellent option that allows you to pay them over time if you don’t have the funds to pay up front. When you’re ready to move forward with a home loan, or if you’d just like to start exploring your options, submit the form at the top of this page to acquire your own mortgage consultant to help you get started with the mortgage process and explain which home loans might be best for you.

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