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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pacific Western Holds Graduation Ceremony in San Diego

Pacific Western University held its 2006 Graduation Ceremony at the Museum of Motion Picture Arts at the Prado in Historic Balboa Park.

The Event was attended by Graduates from around the world, including 20 graduates from Vietnam and the University’s partnership with Vietnam National University’s Center for Systems Development.

The Graduation ceremony’s Key Note Speaker was Bella Heule, President and CEO of the San Diego World Trade Center.

The event was covered by the local press and was video taped by the University.

The Graduation was followed by a Gala Luncheon at the Prado Restaurant and an hour long photo session in the Historic Park featuring the Spreckles Organ Pavilion..

The Ceremony was highlighted by a special appearance of the Graduates at the World Trade Centers Gala annual event, where the PWU Graduates received special recognition by the WTO and the three hundred strong attendees.

The event was so well received by the Graduates and their families that the University plans to hold the 2007 Graduation Ceremonies in Balboa Park.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Delivering the Dream: Pacific Western University Innovative Global Degree Programs

It is well known fact that English is the International Language of Business. The rest of the world is eager to learn the secrets of American Business principals in an attempt to emulate the enormous success of both U.S. and elite foreign companies who are employing U.S. style business strategies. In the rush to acquire this knowledge, many foreign countries are looking for partnerships with innovative U.S. based Universities who can deliver Degree Programs which teach both proven and cutting edge principals and techniques of business and strategic management.

Pacific Western University, a California State Approved institution based in San Diego California is one of the leaders in this Global “Intellectual Gold Rush”. Pacific Western University is currently in the process of pursing Accreditation with two separate National Accrediting Agencies. The accreditation process is very comprehensive and the University hopes to achieve this prestigious recognition by mid-2007.

PWU enters its third year of an Educational Partnership with the Center for Systems Development, a division of Vietnam National University (CSD/VNU) who have campuses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

As Vietnam’s National University, VNU is the most prestigious University in Vietnam. The innovative PWU – CSD/VNU co-operative program has attracted the best and brightest of Vietnam successful business executives looking to pursue a graduate education while running some of Vietnam’s largest corporations. The cooperative business programs are offered at the graduate level (Executive MBA and PhD).

Because of challenges in the areas of language, academic delivery methods, student expectations, cultural differences and access to technology, few universities have had success at exporting their distance education programs across national barriers.

Distance Learning Combined with Local Delivery and Interaction

The success of the PWU – VNU collaboration is PWU’s ability to deliver an American Degree Program to international students in their local language while handling its delivery and administrative responsibilities in English. Students receive materials through a distance learning methodology, and then augment their study through intense weekend sessions at CSD/VNU.

These weekend sessions allow for valuable student-mentor discussions ranging from clarification of course materials and concepts to case study review and high level brain storming sessions and active group interaction.

The weekend sessions are facilitated by local tutors as well as visiting U.S. professors from PWU. These academically qualified Vietnam based tutors advise students concerning their assignments, provide a first review of academic submissions by each student, and guide classroom discussions. The U.S. professors provide valuable individual student - faculty contact and assure that the courses and degree programs are progressing according to strict academic standards.

According to Dr. Steven Warfield, President of Pacific Western University, “PWU is extremely pleased with the co-operative program. The chemistry of combining PWU’s distance learning methods with the guidance and high powered group dynamics and interaction of the CSD/VNU tutors and students is truly extraordinary. When you bring together so many of Vietnam’s brightest business minds, in this highly charged educational atmosphere, great results can be expected.”

The co-operative program just celebrated its second round of graduation ceremonies in Vietnam with several hundred graduates. On October 22nd the PWU – CSD/VNU program held it’s graduation ceremonies in Ho Chi Minh City. On October 28th and again on the 29th two graduation ceremonies were held in Hanoi, where the ceremonies were attended by the Deputy Consulate of the U.S. Embassy.

Dr. Hung Pham of VNU/CSD said, “We are very satisfied with our educational partnership with PWU. The degree programs are constantly being improved to satisfy the unique needs of our Vietnam students. Our graduates are proud to have the recognition of their accomplishments by representatives of the U.S. Embassy and key U.S. congressional leaders.”

43 of the PWU –VNU/CSD graduates are traveling to San Diego for a U.S. based graduation ceremony on November 16th. This trip is sponsored by many of Vietnam’s top businesses. The goal is to help develop future high level business relationships between the United States and Vietnam. The Vietnam contingent will attended a Gala event sponsored by the World Trade Center of San Diego. San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders, is scheduled to give the introductory speech for the event and is scheduled to formally recognize the PWU – VNU/CSD delegation.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

PWU Joins the World Trade Center

Pacific Western University is proud to announce that it has joined the San Diego Chapter of the World Trade Center.

The World Trade Organization is extremely active in supporting Global Business Development. Dean Dominic Mwenja of Pacific Western said “ This is a perfect fit for the University. Our International Graduates hold some of the highest positions in business and Government in their respective countries. They are often looking for opportunities to do business in the United States. This offers a great opportunity for our graduates to network with the World Trade Centers all around the world.”

The San Diego Chapter of the World Trade Center has asked PWU to bring its upcoming graduating class to their annual Gala event at San Diego’s Horton Plaza on November 15th.

The graduation class will receive special recognition by the WTC and will have a chance to meet and interact with San Diego Mayor, Jerry Sanders.

Pacific Western expects a huge turnout from its International Graduating classes, especially from Vietnam.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pacific Western University: New Location

Pacific Western University: New Location

Pacific Western University is pleased to announce the relocation of its administrative offices to San Diego California. The move is intended to provide Pacific Western University with a headquarters which is more than two and a half times larger then its current facility. San Diego is often referred to as "America's finest city" for its unique climate and spectacular coastline. San Diego also provides this rapidly growing distance Education University with a modern technological infrastructure and a rich resource from which to expand its faculty.

Beginning February, 2006 Pacific Western University will be located at The Scripps Mar Corporate Center at 9750 Miramar Road, Suite 180 San Diego, California 92126. The management and University staff together look forward to many years of continued growth in San Diego

About Pacific Western University

Pacific Western University was founded in February 1977, to accommodate the fast-growing population of Americans with sound working experience but who could not attend traditional campus based University degree programs. PWU recognized the need early on. Working adults should not be expected to leave their current jobs in order to attend full time classes so that they might receive a promotion or perhaps a better job. Distance Education has proven to be an efficient and cost–effective solution to this challenge. A solution very successfully adopted by major universities, such as the University of Chicago, the University of the State of New York, The University of Phoenix, Thomas A. Edison University, and Pacific Western University. The University gained California State Approval in 1996. By 2005 over 25,000 working adults have earned their degrees at PWU. Today Pacific Western University is a well known International leader in Distance Postsecondary Education.

Friday, November 25, 2005

PWU Hosts December Graduation Ceremony in Taiwan

Pacific Western University is holding a graduation ceremony in Taiwan on Decmeber 2nd for all of the graduating students in the University's China, Taiwan and Hong Kong business programs.

President Steven Bonica wishes the 2005 graduating class the greatest of success as they finish their Undergraduate and Graduate studies with PWU and resume the full time responsiblities of their careers.

The University will send a representative from the University to host the Graduation Ceremonies.

Congradualtions are in order for all of these PWU graduates for the fall semester of 2005! The administration, faculty and support staff are proud of your accomplishments!

Friday, October 28, 2005

PWU Adds Members To Graduate Review Committee

Pacific Western University has added several new members to it's Graduate Review Committee for both it's Graudate Candidates in the United States, and for it's students in Viet Nam and China.

Heading the Committee is PWU's Dean of Faculty, Dr. Thaddeus Pham. Other members of the Committee in the United States are PWU's Academic Dean, Dr. William Welch, Dr. Evelyn Woods and Dr. John Finn. New members include Dr. Janathin Miller, professor at California State University San Marcos, Dr Ronald Detrick, professor at California Coast University, Dr. Dennis Lai of the Peoples Republic of China and Dr. Steven Ridley.

Joining the Committee in Viet Nam is Dr. Hung Pham, Director for the Center For Systems Development, Viet Nam National University.

Dr. Thaddeus Pham and Dr. John Finn are both fluent in Vietnamese and will play an important roll in facilitating our students from Viet Nam.

Several additional U.S. and foreign Committee members are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Monday, October 17, 2005

PWU Sets Professors for Viet Nam MBA

Pacicfic Western University has selected two Professors to travel to Viet Nam as part of their joint MBA program in Viet Nam.

Dr. John Finn will be teaching the course in Cost and Scheduling Management in November and December of this year.

Dr. Janathin Miller, a professor at California State University San Marco's will be teaching the course in Operations Management. Dr. Miller will be teaching her course in January and February of 2006. Dr. Miller is a successful business woman and educator. She founded, successfully operated and recently sold Antin Engineering, a multi-million dollar government contracting company to the publicly traded SYS Technologies.

Dr. Finn has made numerous trips to Viet Nam on behalf of PWU. This will be Dr. Miller's first trip abroad for the University.