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Lioncrusher's Domain > Eupleridae > Malagasy Broad-striped Mongoose

Range of the Malagasy Broad-striped Mongoose (Galidictisfasciata)
 First Described By
   Gmelin, 1788

  Kingdom: Animalia
  Phylum: Chordata
  Class: Mammalia
  Order: Carnivora
  Family: Eupleridae
  Subfamily: Galidiinae
  Genus: Galidictis
  Species: fasciata

 Physical Attributes
  Shoulder Height:
  Head and Body Length:
       11.8-13.3 in (30-34 cm)
  Tail Length:
       9.4-11.8 in (24-30 cm)
       1.1-1.3 lb (500-600 g)

 Life Information
  Gestation: ?
  Litter size: 1
  Age at sexual maturity:
      Male: ?
      Female: ?
  Life Span: ?

IUCN: Vulnerable

 Scientific Name Synonyms
  Galidictis striata

Malagasy Broad-striped Mongoose
(Galidictis fasciata)

Range and Habitat

The Malagasy broad-striped mongoose lives in the forests of eastern Madagascar, a large island off the southeastern coast of Africa.

Physical Appearance

The Malagasy broad-striped mongoose is a pale brown or grayish color, with wide, dark stripes on its back and sides. There are two subspecies: G. f. striata, which has 5 stripes and a white tail, and G. f. fasciata, which has between 8-10 stripes, and a bushier tail that is bay-colored.


This mongoose primarily eats small vertebrates like rodents, but will eat some invertebrates.

Behavior and Reproduction

This mongoose is nocturnal and crepuscular, and lives in pairs. They produce a single young a year, in the summer.

Taxonomic Note

Formerly in the family Herpestidae.

  Online References

Lioncrusher/Rebecca Postanowicz, 2007.

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