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-Hello-, and welcome to the Open For Business Wiki.

The main wiki has migrated to Ofbiz Doc site. This site is now a historical reference.

If you're new to Wiki, please see OneMinuteWiki for tips on how this whole shebang works. If you want to test this Wiki out, please use the Sandbox. PLEASE experiment with that page first !

If you're new to OFBiz, you can peruse our Online User Manual. There you will find notes showing how OFBiz can be used in business, and details of how to convert your business to OFBiz. You might also be interested in finding out Who Else Uses OFBiz.

This site is hosted by Integral Business Solutions and is intended to facilitate collaboration about the OFBiz platform. It should prove to be an invaluable resource for learning about OFBiz from OFBiz users. The nature of a Wiki will allow this site to morph itself into a highly efficient research tool.

The intended structure of the OFBiz Wiki structure is to be able to drill into each of the layers and the components within the layers to find relevant information, following the OFBiz Architecture. For example, configuration information on a particular J2EE container would be located under Basic Technology Components/J2EE Containers.

This site should be used primarily for documenting existing functionality. All discussions of current development should go on the mailing list. A ''Coming Soon'' like page would be appropriate here, but anything that involves a discussion should be sent to the appropriate OFBiz mailing list -- after reading the OFBiz Users Mailing List Etiquette.

The OFBiz website contains additional documentation and other information. If you've come here first, be sure to check it out. For those RSS addicts out there you can now get a RSS feed from the OFBiz Wiki. It publishes a diff of any pages that change-- handy for monitoring what is happening in the wiki world.

Finally, we'd like to give a great big thank you to the creators and main supporters of OFBiz: Andy Zeneski and David E. Jones. You can also take a look at the OFBiz Contributor's Hall of Fame.

Happy reading and when you're ready to contribute, be sure to follow the WikiEtiquette.

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