Smithville Cemetery Interments

Please Note: The information on this website is as accurate as it can be, dependent on the condition and availability of existing records. There may be transcription errors. If any errors are found, or if you have any other questions, the Secretary of the cemetery can be contacted at:

Smithville Cemetery
R.R. 2, G.B. 66
Saskatoon, SK
Canada S7K 3J5

There are two options for finding information about the interments in Smithville Cemetery. The first option is the online, searchable database. To use this, you must be using a Java-enabled, Version 3 or higher version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, or other browser that in Java-enabled. The search function requires Java to function.

The second is a text listing of all the burials, in column format. This text file is just under 40kb in size and may take a few moments to load.

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