Andries BezuidenhoutSinger-songwriter Andries Bezuidenhout is also known as Roof from the Afrikaans rock band Brixton Moord & Roof Orkes. Apart from two albums with the band, Spergebied (2002) and Terug in Skubbe (2005), he has released a solo CD titled Insomniak se Droomalmanak (2004). In recent years, he has made a name for himself as newspaper columnist and is about to publish a volume of poetry. Website:

AOAAOA hit the Pretoria metal scene in 1996 in venues like Shaft, Wings Beatbar, Inferno, Café Galleria and many other heavy metal hot spots. In 1998, after finishing highschool, this heavy metal trio left for 2 and half years for London, working their music through the underground. Now in 2007, the band has gained even more speed, momentum and an even more bigger urge to inflict themselves on unsuspecting populations. This is for sure GFY heavy metal. If you don’t know what it means, then you don’t know what real heavy metal sounds like…

Blunted StuntmanBlunted Stuntman plays a party mix of Big Beat, Nu-Skool Breaks (not old-school), 2-Step Garage, Acid Funk, Jump Up Jungle and Chunky Funk House for the dance floor, not excluding Hi-Fi lounge/dub and Kruder & Dorfmeister style coffee shop beats. Since 1997 The Blunted Stuntman has been a favorite at the August Oppikoppi Festival. Making this year his 10th consecutive year of Blunted Stuntman performance at the festival. This of course means that the Stuntman has got an excellent show waiting for the eager Dassie onlookers…

Chris ChameleonChris Chameleon is one of the most versatile singer-songwriters South Africa has to offer. He has a style of his own and a reputation for mesmerizing audiences with his four octave voice range. As well as his irresistible stage personality. He can take anyone on a musical journey that fuels their aural fantasies, simply with a guitar and his magical and unusual voice-work. If the last year is anything to go by, Chris Chameleon seems set to become one of the most important artists in recent years. Innovative, prolific and endlessly creative, Chris Chameleon is set to take the world by storm.

Dirty SkirtsThe Dirty Skirts deliver angular, guitar driven indie rock to dance floor beats, with soaring melodies, woozy synths and an explosive performance - STAGE MAGAZINE. This four piece from Cape Town released their debut EP independently in 2005, which stormed various South African charts with singles “Feeling the Pressure” and “Set me Alight” both reaching number 1 on regional stations. Established in late 2004, the band has headlined every major SA festival this year and consists of Jeremy De Tolly on lead vocals, guitar and synth; David Moffatt on guitar; Maurice Paliaga on bass and Mark De Menezes on drums. Their debut full length album is being released in February 2007.

DJ AfroWhitieAfrowhitie (The White Boy From Africa) got his name from working as a radio presenter and electronic music director at WARY-FM in New York. Not only does he stred his stuff at top notch events including underground events like SENSE, PRESSURE, Vinyl Frontier Party to more “upper” ground parties like Carfax/Kiss Street Parties and of course Oppikoppi Festivals, but Afrowhitie also mixes on national SA radio. His music focuses on BreakBeat with adventures in Drum n Bass, Down Tempo, Deep House, and Electro and will rapidly pull you from your comfort zone…

DJ KenzheroApparently Clark Kent by day a hero at night. Jus call on him when you need some soul revival. He has saved souls from Cape to Pretoria, currently reviving Johanesburg souls where he currently reside. He wasn’t born; he landed from a helicopter in his hero suite using vinyl’s as wings. He is the man behind Party People, he’ll be sure to please at the Sipho Gumede stage this year and don’t look for him cause he is looking for you. When you see him don’t look at him in his face… DJ Kenzhero is no Zero

DorpLocal band Dorp is not new to many in South Africa and they are now returning to perform at two shows for Ampli5. They have managed to combine avant-garde excesses of European rock, classic pop and electro to create a unique sound that has managed to draw overwhelming amount of attention to the band. Their most recent single “London Out There” has topped many charts across South Africa and shows just how the band has managed to combine all their influences. They deliver energetic live shows packed with non-stop entertainment leaving crowds asking for more.

Dr MoodyDoctor Moody – a renowned producer, musician and DJ from Bristol UK, has built up his reputation and wowed the crowds with his seamless mixing skills and jedi red eye cuts and drops. His infectious stage show of decks, samplers, live vocals and visuals combining the most underground of breaks and house with the funkiest party tunes has made him everyone’s favorite DJ. His career has spanned out over the last ten years and has seen him share the stage with some of the worlds most recognized DJ’s and artists. The Dr and his label Surgery Music UK have just landed in South Africa and already his locally inspired Album is in full swing and will be coming out later this year. The first single Electric Hookers is out on Kloraform Records now!

FokofpolisiekarFokofpolisiekar is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The 5 piece rock outfit consists of Francois van Coke (lead vocals), Hunter Kennedy (guitar), Johnny de Ridder (lead guitar), Wynand Myburgh (bass) and Jaco Venter (drums). Fokofpolisiekar was formed during April 2003 by a group of friends from Cape Town who decided to produce music in their own way. It would carry strong symbolism of the Fokofpolisiekar lifestyle and their perspective on everyday life: a style of music that they and their generation can relate to. These boys are currently one of SA`s biggest rock acts. Their explosive performances combined with their distinctive style and fine tuned marketing campaigns have packed out venues nationwide. They have become a household name in SA due to the controversy generated around them in the media. Although branded by many conventional South Africans as the bad boys of Afrikaans rock, they have also been noticed by Afrikaans literary circles for the intelligent conveyance of their honest and straightforward lyrics. Their success and popularity among both fans and the media alike shows that they have more substance and impact than just an outrageous name. (Translate: Fuck off police car)

Foto na DansFoto Na Dans is die resultaat van vyf ouens wat die behoefte het om musiek te maak, dis al. Oor sowat 7 jaar is daar gesoek, gekam, geslaan, gekoop en gekots vir die regte kombinasie van lede vir die beweging. Die lede was voorheen by verskeie projekte en pogings betrokke, maar nou is daar Foto Na Dans. Foto Na Dans is Le Roi Nel (Sang, Kitaar), Neil Basson (Kitaar), Theuns Schoonwinkel (Bass), Alex Fourie (Trompet, Keyboard), Dirkie Uys (Dromme). Hulle lewer explosiewe lewendige vertonings tesame met musiek wat al aan bands soos Muse, Bloc Party, Sprinbok Nude Girls en Incubus vergelyk is, maar selde ten volle kan vergelyk met enige musiekstyl.

Groove ArmadaGroove Armada has already been established as a favourite amongst their South African fans. This London dance duo, Tom Findlay and Andy Cato, deliver music rooted in originality and funk. Since Groove Armada’s conception in 1995, the duo has managed to establish themselves as being restlessly inventive. They attempt to redefine themselves with each song they have released, moving away from the past and recreating something new and unfamiliar to them. Their constantly evolving sound, incorporating musical styles of electronica, trip-hop, downbeat, dance and ambient techno, may jut prove that Groove Armada may just become invincible.

Hip Hop PantsulaCast around the South African hip hop scene for the artist most likely not to have beef with anyone - and you can be sure that Hip Hop Pantsula ’s name will emerge from the ever-growing list of MCs, lyricists and beat makers. This is not to say that Double H P is not capable of making music that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the genre ’s finest. Far from it: As his just released YBA 2NW showcases, HHP remains on-form; delivering an album of seriously funky grooves, clever samples (check out the Burt Bacharach/Hal David sample on “Let Me Be”) and enough beat-driven hooks to keep the hits flowing all summer long.

Jimmy Eat WorldConceived in the middle of 90s grunge by four childhood friends, Jimmy Eat World has managed to grow into a band that has impacted on modern rock of the new millennium. The road to success may not have been an easy one for Jimmy Eat World, but their ambition and passion has driven them to create their own success. With 7 albums released, two EP’s, and achieving breakthroughs everywhere, from Saturday Night Live, being nominated for an MTV Video Music Award to landing a spot on Rolling Stone’s annual Hot List, it may seem that this band has only started their journey to superstardom.

Karen ZoidBorn in Brussels as the daughter of a South African diplomat, Karen grew up in Belgium and Johannesburg where she became a teenage busker, honing her song writing, guitar playing and singing skills on the streets of Melville. In June 2001 EMI released Zoid's first solo album, Poles Apart, which fired the imagination of both critics and the public to such an extent that Karen Zoid became an icon of the South African youth, which the press renamed the ‘Zoid Generation’. In 2004 both Time Magazine and US News & World Report highlighted her role as an icon. Touring the country and often headlining major festivals, she is supported by her accomplished band members Don Reinecke on lead guitar, Rixi Roman on bass and Marlon Green on drums and percussion.

Kid FonqueReleasing his first mix CD, ‘Saladomundo’ in 2004 which sold more than 1000 copies makes Kidfonque a must have in your CD collection. His sounds are fresh, jazzy and mainly unpredictable making his music full of a variety of styles and flavours. Different beat-housy, broken, nujazz and breaks are a sure listening pleasure and venues like Barcode, Carfax, 88 Norwood to name but a few, regualry uses his freestyling music to ensure beats of quality consistency for local and international party goers.

KidofdoomThis four man band, Ryk, Richard, Barend and Johan offers music to a wide variety of listeners and does not adhere to any particular linguistics. KIDOFDOOM consist of a very unique and unbinding sound that leaves the listener swimming in an ocean of harmony. They do not sing in a language, in either a male or female voice that is inclined to any style… they sing in music. Watch out for these guys.

Koos Kombuis“As a writer Koos Kombuis has changed the face of Afrikaans literature. He is no language purist, preferring to write in the way ordinary Afrikaners speak. For him the language is an evolving one, it originated as a form of Kitchen Dutch and as a living language it seems only natural that it will adapt to its surroundings. Despite his success as a musician, writing is his first love. Koos Kombuis is so very different to any of the preconceived ideas you may have about him. He’s mellowed, so if you were expecting the irate fighter of old, you’d be disappointed and if his love poetry and ballads lead you to expect a smooth operator, you’d be surprised. He’s no longer restless and angry and rather than being cynical you will find elements of vulnerability and enormous amounts of kindness.”

Love JonesThey are South Africa’s most promising pop-rock act since forever, and we mean it. With sales climbing fast, an ever-present radio presence featuring a lead singer possessed with a cracking voice, good looks and the business savvy of a CEO, Love Jones is poised to become enormous. “We want to build an empire” says Esjay Jones, aka ‘Miss Jones’, Love Jones’ 23-year-old lead singer. Their first single “Kicks” peaked at No. 2 on the ‘High 5 at 5’ on 5Fm and quickly barged its way into the Top 10 on Highveld Stereo’s HomeBru chart, on Tuks Fm and Radio Puk SA, it went to No.1. The music video for “Kicks” is also on the highest rotation on MK89, the country’s popular local music channel. This band has its own sound and Love Jones’ first album is not without roots. Esjay’s voice burns leftfield rock hardness into their ingeniously arranged, super stadium-rock ballads. For music samples, visit:

Max NormalMaxNormal.TV is a hip-hop crew with a difference. They perform live wearing 3 piece suits while front man Max Normal delivers his motivational speaking style raps to the audience. Max also illustrates all his lyrics to help the audience follow. These images are projected onto a big screen above the live performers and are triggered live to the beat by Max’s personal assistant, Yolandi Visser. Intense, dynamic and absolutely creative performances have ensured that Max Normal has gained many loyal followers, from his early day projects until his most recent MaxNormal.TV

Menage a TroisMénage à Trois, meaning “threesome” in French, is born from the songs and words of talented lyricist Auriel van Zyl. Auriel was joined in 2003 by drummer, Jako Loots and soon thereafter by bassist, Garth de Meillon. With the threesome completed, the unique flavour and creativity that is Ménage à Trois soon began to flourish. Ménage à Trois is an exclusive blend of funk, rock and folk, with each of the band members contributing their own inspirational initiative to the project. The music trancends many different styles and genres, and draws from an array of musical influences, including Ani DiFranco and The Dave Matthews Band. Proving the versatility of these musicians, frequent guest artists are included in Ménage à Trois shows: Lanie van der Merwe joins the band on cello for the more soothing melodies and guitarist Illimar Neitz (Gordon’s Suitcase) rips it up on the electric. Not suprisingly, this enriches the music and adds a whole new dimension to the definitive Ménage à Trois sound that supporters have grown to love.

Prime CircleSince the band’s formation in 2001, this rock outfit from Witbank has made it bigger than big. With their debut single, “Hello”, Prime Circle’s album “Hello Crazy World” has made it to gold status and rapidly approaching platinum status. Big international names had the privilege to share the stage with these Witbank oakies. Names like Metallica, The Rasmus, Collecitive Soul and K’s Choice to name but a few. Need we say more…?

Selaelo SelotaSELAELO SELOTA was born and raised in a rural village near Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg), where he remembers being greatly inspired by the copious amounts of traditional musical practice that surrounded him as a little boy. Selota is now carving out a sparkling career for himself in the highly competitive South African Afro Jazz scene. The former gold miner is now mining the same precious metal, but armed with a guitar rather than a drill. SELAELO SELOTA, an academic and a passionate, professional performer, is making a fresh and substantial contribution to the development of South African music - and he enjoys sharing his work and inspiration with the wildest possible audience.

Simba met the RocatsA bunch of “cats” that think they can run as fast as “rockets.” That’s how this four man/cat party, consisting of RazMak, Bruno, Rastaparta and Mars came up with The Rocats. Based in Maputo Mozambique, The Rocats music consists of reggae sounds fused with some Mozambican and other traditional rhythms.

SIMBA, born Nelson Angelo da Conceicao in the 1980’s in Maputo Mozambique, started his solo career in 1999 which gave birth to his first hit single, Glorious Food. The song was launched in 2001 and gave him encouragement to record his first album, Run and tell your Mother in 2005. SIMBA has not gone unnoticed since and big production giants like IKO and DJ Papercutt has had the privilege to work with this brilliant young artist.

Stanton WarriorsThe Stanton Warriors combines House, British Garage, Nu Breaks and Dance to produce some of the most sought after Electronic music around. Their live shows have been heralded by a vast fan base and they have paved their way to become one of the most sought after international Electronic acts around. The Stanton Warriors are a pair of studio engineers turned producers and remixers. They have managed to recreate the British garage scene with energetic, powerful, genre-spanning tracks and hyper-active mix dates. They will be bringing their sought after talents to South Africa and are set to warm up the crowds for Ampli5.

Tasha BaxterYou can call Tasha Baxter a forward-thinking dance, trip-hop and drum’ n bass innovator. Together with a certain Andre Scheepers, a gifted pianist and songwriter, the dynamic duo created a head spinning album called Colour me. This album is the home of a song that proofs to be a heavyweight radio play gem. The track, “Who’s Sorry Now”, is indie pop at its most powerful, bringing into the musical mix Baxter’s considerable background in dance, trip-hop, and drum ‘n bass to create a memorable piece of music that’s a sure-fire hit… Make sure you are present and wide awake for this diva’s live Oppikoppi performance.

The Loose CannonsThe Loose Cannons are not afraid to stretch the rules of mixing and scratching. Live performances are referred to as eclectic affairs. The duo, Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader, know exactly what they are doing and their fans notice it in their performances. Performances are made up of The Loose Cannons showing off their professional mixing and scratching talents while mixing together a bizarre but brilliant mix of tunes, from a bit of Destiny’s Child’s “Lose My Breath” to Usher’s “Yeah” mixed up with No Doubt’s “Hella Good”.


ParlotonesGenre: Indie Brit Rock
Origin: Johannesburg
Official Band Website:
Label/Management Website:
Band Members:
The Parlotones are Kahn Morbee (vocals, guitar), Neil Pauw (Drums), Paul Hodgson (guitar), and Glen Hodgson (bass, piano, backing vocals). They are clearly re-writing the script for SA music. One of the most anticipated album releases of the year must certainly be the brand new Parlotones album. Following the release of a 4 track EP, the new album will contain 14 new tracks plus the 4 bonus tracks from the 'Borderline Patrol' EP. Titled 'Radiocontrolledrobot' the album is set to be the bands best work yet.

Tidal WavesTidal Waves writes their original reggae music with a rock-fusion-twist, drawing from traditional African musical influences like maskandi and mbaqanga. And then they put on an electrical show you won’t be able to forget. Their sound is original roots reggae with strong rock, ska and blues strands. Besides all these bunches of mouthful descriptions, Tidal Waves are widely respected in the South African music circles as an honest, hard working band with an original sound, irie vibes and a dynamic live performance. They have some of the most ardent, die-hard fans and supporters in the SA music industry – as well as abroad, as seen during the band’s frequent international tours of the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy to name a few. With their fourth album imminent, there just is no stopping the Waves. Original Music – For Original People! For music samples, visit:

Valiant SwartValiant Swart has been hailed to have been the pioneering force behind the Afrikaans blues-rock music in the nineties. His fans call him “mystic boer”, a name that has given Valiant cult status in South Africa. He also became a household name after his success as “Jinx” in the popular kykNET television series “Song vir Katryn.” The soundtrack CD of ‘Song vir Katryn’ reached gold status with sales exceeding 25 000. His album “Horisontaal” that was released in 2006, won a Huisgenoot Tempo Award for Best Afrikaans Rock Album and was also nominated for the prestigious SAMA Award in 2007.

Ollie Viljoen has made a huge contribution towards South African Music and Television. Apart from being one of South Africa`s most popular boeremusiek artists , he also worked for the SABC from 1980 – 1995 as director and/or producer of various popular shows including SPIES EN PLESSIS (1986 – 1994), MAAK `N LAS (1996 – 2000) and KYK INNIE POT (2000). He has won various awards including the ATKV Award for Best Television Program: Spies and Plessis in 1988, another ATKV Award in 1988 for Best Traditional Recording and a FNB SA Music Award for Best Traditional Album in 1989. Ollie Viljoen plays accordion, piano and Hammond organ, while Valiant sings and plays all the guitars.

Violent FemmesAmerican cult band, the Violent Femmes, have been receiving recognition and praise from their fans globally since their conception in the early 1980s, elevating them to become one of the biggest legends in old school rock. The Violent femmes have long been known for the experimentalist approach to their music, which is also obvious in their live performances. Their new wave, post-punk sound could be one of the reasons why they have become such a success over the past two decades. The Violent Femmes took the cannonball discontent of punk and stripped it back, ditching the guitar-bully volume to draw attention to the vocalist.

Youngboold Brass BandBreaking and reinventing world-wide conventions, the YoungBlood Brass Band creates music not limited by racial, geographical or any other restrictions. Their music is driven by passion and energy, with a goal to produce something new to the world. Anyone who has the privilege of experiencing their performances first hand will not be let down. This nine-member band is fuelled by creating something new and delivering the very best of live performances around. The powerful combination between jazz and hip hop is produced by nine band members. They employ two trumpets, two trombones a tenor saxophone, 3 drummer/percussionists, a sousaphonist and one MC.