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Java Platform 2 Version 1.3.x for Linux

Current Version: Blackdown-1.3.1-02b-FCS

$Date: 2005/01/25 16:38:46 $
$Author: kreilede $
JavaWorld has selected our Blackdown 1.3 JVM for Linux as a finalist in the Best Java Virtual Machine category of its Editors' Choice Awards.

Blackdown Java-Linux Java2 SE v1.3.1-02b-FCS for i386 and SPARC, as well as 1.3.1-14-FCS for PowerPC, is available from our ftp mirrors .

Currently the SDK and the Runtime Environment are available as .tar.bz2 files and as Debian packages.
Installation instructions are available for the Java2 SDK 1.3.1-02b-FCS and the Java2 RE 1.3.1-02b-FCS. This version includes the Java Plug-In for Netscape 4.x, Mozilla (>= 0.9.6) and browsers based on Mozilla code (for instance Galeon).