Dr. Brown's Prescription
a duple improper contra by David Kirchner

Ladies allemande right 1-1/2 (8)
Swing partner (8)

Gents allemande left once (6?)
With trail buddy, allemande right once (6?)
With partner, allemande left once (4?)

Ladies balance and swing in the middle (16)

Left shoulder gypsy partner (8)
Ladies chain across (8)

Notes: If gents step slightly to their left during the first allemande, the transition to the swing will flow more smoothly. The trail buddy is most easily defined for the dancers immediately after the partner swing (the person next to you that's not your partner). The gypsy takes up a full eight counts, but is barely once around - it should be danced slowly. The transition from B2 to A1 is unusual, but not difficult for most dancers. This dance was written for my dear friend Laura Brown, Ph.D., a dancer in the Washington DC area; it was a "prescription" for cheering her up at a sad time.

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