Sri Lanka Air Force Base Vavuniya

     Strategically located in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka , Located 50km to the north of Anuradapura , along the A-9 road. This Base was an RAF airfield during the World War II, which renovated and re-established by Sri Lanka Air Force in 1978. The airfield is fully equipped to handle medium/light transport aircraft movements, and was engaged in the vital role of providing air support to many military operations.
Base Vavuniya
Base HQ Vavuniya

Mi-17 Transport Helicopter

     No. 6 Helicopter Squadron   and No. 11 Air Surveillance Flight(ASF) are the two major lodger formations located within the Base.

     No. 6 Helicopter Squadron equipped with Mi-17 transport helicopters, and tasked with the transporting of men and material, to various locations as required by the Security Forces and the Police.

   No.11 ASF carries out regular surveillance flights, utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), over disputed areas in support of security operations.

    The Base also provides the logistical and administrative support required by the SLAF Operational Groups deployed in Mankulam area. The Base is well equipped with facilities such as housing for married personnel, recreational , medical and so on.
Swiming Pool
Swimming Pool


Gp Capt WER Fernando
Base Commander
Sri Lanka Air Force,
Sri Lanka.

+94 11 2441044 / 2495495
+94 11 024-2222907