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LeadPoint operates a trading platform matching buyers and sellers of real-time mortgage leads. The company’s role is to ensure the integrity of the transaction and the quality of the lead. When real-time leads enter the marketplace and match your criteria, LeadPoint processes and delivers that lead to you in under a second.

At LeadPoint, you are in control:
• Establish your lead criteria based on Credit Grade, State, Loan Amount, and Max LTV
• Set bid prices based on your specific lead criteria
• Buy shared and/or exclusive leads
• Control the number of leads you want to purchase on a daily basis
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Mortgage Leads that Suit Your Needs

Everyone needs a place to rest his or her head at night. That’s why, regardless of the health of the real estate market, thousands of homes are still bought and sold each yet. In such a competitive universe, mortgage lenders need all the advantages they can muster. How can you reach more potential buyers and contact the people who need your services? In this increasingly electronic economy, traditional methods like billboards and yellow pages ads, and even newer methods like mass e-mails and pop-up ads are less effective than they once were. In their place, a new industry of companies that target mortgage leads demographically and economically and delivers those leads to lenders has come into being. Fill out and submit the form below, and our mortgage leads partner will review and analyze your individual situation and get back with you within 1 business day to go over your options.

Let the Internet Work for You: Mortgage Loan Leads Made Easy

All producers of mortgage leads will ask you to provide information about the leads you seek, though the “filters” they offer will change from company to company. However, there are seven questions that you are likely to encounter variations of no matter which lead generator you choose. You’ll be asked to specify which states, loan types, property types, credit requirements, loan-to-value ration (LTV), loan amount and ZIP you would prefer to deal with. Some companies will charge extra for certain demographic and financial details, so consider carefully what you need before making your choices. The number of leads you receive will be closely related to with filters you choose; the more flexible you are, the more leads you’ll be sent. All companies will allow you to change your filter preferences to better customize the leads you are sent.

Typically, companies charge per lead. Certain types of errors can be credited to your account – for example, false e-mail addresses and leads that turn out to be unqualified. Leads are usually sold to a maximum of three lenders, so the consumer has three competing offers among which to choose. This system guarantees that both you and the consumer are treated fairly. If you still have questions about where best to seek mortgage leads, fill out and submit the form below.

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