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Change Your Life With Higher Learning Through Online Education!

A good education can make all the difference. Having a higher degree qualifies you for better jobs, higher salary, and opportunities to have a whole new range of experiences unavailable to others. Yet, for various reasons, not everyone is able to get a higher education on a traditional schedule. Financial, familial, military and health-related circumstances are just a few of the obstacles that can get in the way of immediately going to college after high school.

Not too long ago, people who desired to go back to school and earn an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, or to add a Master’s or MBA to a degree they already had, had very few options before them. The problems of lost income, an inability to easily travel to a college or university, or simple hesitance about returning to a classroom after so many years out of one, could prove to be impossible to surmount. Today, however, online education opens up doors for people looking to improve their lives but who cannot commit, for whatever reason, to returning to a “brick-and-mortar” institution of higher learning.

If you are interested in learning more about online education, check out some of the best institutions below. Each link will take you to a page where you can request more information from each of the schools free of charge.

Is Online Education Right for You?

When exploring the options for online education, a number of factors must be taken into account. Most importantly, what kind of learner are you? Online colleges offer alternative “classroom” situations that are often perfect for people who don’t perform well in traditional classes. If you are self-motivated and like to work at your own pace, then an online education is probably just right for you.

Non-native speakers of English and others who have difficulty quickly translating their thoughts into words will also find the writing-intensive means of communication that characterizes online learning to be refreshing. Online colleges encourage student-to-student communication, and many find that intellectual exchange via live chats, bulletin boards, e-mail and listservs is more appropriate to their learning style than the type of fast-paced, in-person classroom discussions that take place at traditional schools. Of course, you must be comfortable interfacing with a computer, and have decent typing and Internet skills.

If you’re ready to start improving your education but still don’t know where to start, try visiting some of the links listed below. From there you'll be able to request more information from each of them and learn about what each of them can offer you.

Request Info On Online Degrees From:
AIU Online College AIU Online
Offers degrees in business administration, criminal justice, education, healthcare management, information technology, marketing, organizational psychology, visual communications plus many more.
University of Phoenix University of Phoenix
Offers a wide variety of degrees in business, technology, health care, education & social and behavioral sciences.
Colorado Tech Online College Colorado Technical University
Offers online degree programs in business, criminal justice, health care management, information technology & marketing.
DeVry DeVry
Offers degree programs in accounting technology, health information technology, business administration, technical management, CIS, and educational technology.
ITT Tech Online College ITT Technical Institute
Offers online degrees in information technology, business & criminal justice.
Capella University Capella University
Offers a range of specialized areas of study, including finance, IT, education, and human resources.
Walden University Walden University
Offers degree programs in management, education, health and human services, psychology, and engineering.
Westwood College Westwood College
Offers degrees in business management, criminal justice, healthcare management, information systems, interior design, and various associates degrees.


If you did not find a college or a degree that best suits your needs from the above list, please check out one of the following education portals for an expanded list of Online Degree Programs from Accredited Colleges and Universities:



Online Education Portal

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