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Expand Your Business with Online Credit Card Processing

In 1985, the Internet was tiny, used primarily by scientists as a hi-tech means of communication. In 1995, the information superhighway was beginning to open up, but we were still limited by dial-up modems and computers that lacked to power to quickly process vast amounts of information. By 2005, those constraints too were long gone, and the opportunities offered by the Internet are virtually limitless.

As a merchant, the only way to remain competitive in today�s market is to maintain a website that supports online credit card processing. With secure servers, automated transactions, and a new system for combating fraudulent transactions, credit card processing has become increasingly accessible.

Online Credit Card Processing Means a Bigger Customer Base

Boiled down to basics, credit card processing software and/or terminals check your customers� credit card numbers, expiration date, and other pertinent information, then withdraws money from their cards and deposits it directly into your merchant account. Statistics show that online credit card processing can increase your online business revenues anywhere from 50% to 400%, so the time to act is now!

Different types of credit card processing software will suit different needs, but most will provide a merchant account for immediate processing, secure and encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for secure transactions and a web-based terminal from which to access your account.

There are three major types of online credit card processing. A virtual terminal allows manual addition of mail and telephone credit card transactions of the type that were used before the Internet existed. The second type, a simple integration method, links your site directly to the credit card and bank system, allowing you to instantly accept transactions over the Internet. Finally, the advanced integration method provides a mechanism for custom-linking your system to more complex systems using a transaction gateway server. The benefits of these various systems include the ability to access all of your information from the internet without making manual transactions impossible, setting up recurring billing cycles, and, most importantly for your business, protecting against fraudulent transactions.

To find a credit card processing company who can aid you in developing the best plan for your business, please check out the list of our trusted partners on the right.

With their free online application, you can start accepting credit cards on your web site in less than 24 hours! In addition to accepting credit cards on your web site in real-time, you will also receive our simple-to-use, web-based credit card processing terminal so you can process transactions manually. With their versatile ecommerce software, you have a complete solution.
Paynet Systems Paynet Systems
With Paynet Systems merchant services behind you can accept credit cards from all major issuers. Because their systems and infrastructure are flexible they offer custom-made programs for any business category.
They provide merchants with fast, reliable and secure passage for transaction data via a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection, and manage the complex routing of payment information to the appropriate credit card processors.
Electronic Transfer Inc. Electronic Transfer Inc.
To accept credit cards apply use the merchant account application for a free merchant account, credit card processing, free shopping cart - free recurring billing and check processing set up.


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