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Latest News: Guardians Of Order joins forces with White Wolf for Game of Thrones RPG
Anime RPGs Now Available as eBooks!
Guardians of OrderIt's anime-zing news! You can now download many of our anime RPGs and resource books as PDFs from Included in our first batch are:

Trigun Titles Slayers Titles Be sure to keep watching, because even more anime books will be available shortly as well.

Amber Diceless
Additionally, if you're looking for a full-immersion role-playing experience, be sure to check out the PDFs of the Amber Diceless RPG and its Shadowknight supplement on as well!

Posted by Adam on 2004-10-06

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GOO Acquires Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG License
Guardians of OrderGuardians Of Order, Inc., in association with ADV Films, announced today that it will publish role-playing game fan guides based on the outstandingly popular Japanese anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The two-volume set of books, covering both the original television series as well as the re-released directors' cuts, will debut back-to-back in autumn 2004.

Read the Press Release

Posted by Mark on 2004-03-17

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