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Uni-link bus becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot


Passengers using Uni-link's popular U1 route between Southampton Airport Parkway and the city centre will now be able to check their e-mails, download music to their i-pod, or access the Internet whilst on the move!

One of the double-decker buses used regularly on the route has been fitted with Wi-Fi equipment for a 20-day trial period to test passenger reaction to the facility.

Alec Gore, Transport Manager at the University of Southampton said: "In keeping with our modern bus operation, we wish to continue to add to the services that we offer our passengers. This trial of Wi-Fi accessibility on one of our U1 buses will enable University staff, students, or anyone else from our growing number of local bus passengers, to check their e-mails before they get to their destination, or to download information or music during their journey. We are working with equipment supplier Moovera Networks Ltd. and network host Vodafone to bring this new idea to the roads of Southampton. If all goes well - and so far everything is working better than expected - we will consider fitting the rest of the buses used on the busy route with similar equipment, sometime in the late summer."

Uni-link remains the only bus operator in Southampton to guarantee a low-floor easy access bus on every journey, and pioneered the use of smartcard technology in the city, making boarding the bus quicker and easier. Alec Gore added: "By continuing to offer innovations such as Wi-Fi, passengers can see our continued commitment to invest in giving everyone across the city who uses our buses the best quality travel. "