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Read the biography about Peggy Parish before starting the treasure hunt. You may want to print out the Treasure Hunt or number a paper from 1-10 and write down your answers.

1. What job did Peggy Parish have for fifteen years before she became an author?
2. How many books did she write for the Amelia Bedelia series?
3. From what kind of books did Peggy Parish get the idea for herAmelia Bedelia character?
4. What did Amelia use to stuff the Christmas stockings?
5. What did Peggy Parish actually try to make in her kitchen one afternoon?
6. When did Peggy Parish die and how old was she?
7. What is the name of Peggy Parish's nephew?
8. What was the first Amelia Bedelia book named that Peggy Parish's nephew wrote?
9.  What eating utensil is written about in a funny way in this book? Draw and write the two meanings of this word.
10. In what grade was Herman Parish when his aunt wrote the first Amelia Bedelia book?

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Think and Talk about it

Why do you think Peggy Parish would be proud of her nephew?

Think of a good idea for the next Amelia Bedelia book. Where does the story take place? Who are the characters? What words does Amelia take literally (exactly what they mean)? What situations does Amelia Bedelia get herself into when she does whatever the words say?

Get your thoughts organized and write them down. Click here for worksheet to help you with your clever ideas. Use your ideas to write a short story about a new adventure for Amelia Bedelia.

Draw pictures by hand or use Kids Pix to illustrate. You can even work with a partner and have a great time writing together (Amelia would write the time down)!

E-mail us your original Amelia Bedelia chapters and attach Kids Pix drawings, scanned picture attachments. Please put your first name, school and age. They will be compiled online as an anthology called Amelia's New Adventures for everyone to read and enjoy! We look forward to reading the best Amelia Bedelia short stories yet!

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