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Link Road, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3GB
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Spicer’s Sports Field

Spicer’s sports field has been purchased by the Parish Council. This long cherished dream was realised after negotiations with representatives from Spicers/John Dickinson. This removes any fears about the development of the field for housing and makes it possible for the Sports clubs and Parish Council to start to raise the money to build a new pavilion on the New Road corner.

New Chairman

At the meeting on 8th May 2007 Dr T Wreghitt announced that since he will shortly become chairman of the trustees of Huntingdon’s Charity, he wished to resign from the Chairmanship of the Parish Council. Dr Wreghitt was warmly thanked for his work for Sawston over many years.

Cllr Eugene Murray was elected Chairman of the Parish Council for the ensuing year.
Cllr Sally Hatton was elected Vice-Chairman.
Dr Wreghitt also announced his resignation as a Parish Councillor.

Council action lights up the Village

Following a decision to switch off the village street lighting by South Cambridgeshire District Council, the Parish Councillors of Sawston stepped in.

With the threat of the Village streets being engulfed in darkness, Sawston Parish Councillors took action and agreed to cover the £3,300 annual street lighting bill.

Sawston Parish Councillors agreed unanimously that it would be unacceptable for villagers to walk the streets in darkness. With no effective street lighting there would be a significant risk of increased criminal activity in the village and therefore it was considered imperative that the lighting be maintained.

Dates of Events
Bonfire Night (free with bucket collection) 3rd November 2007.
Late-Night Shopping: 7th December 2007.