Monk's Friend

Difficulty level: Easy

Start location: Talk to the monk named Omad at the Monastery south of Ardougne Zoo.


Items: Jug of water and 1 log

NPC: Brother Omad, Brother Cedric

Walkthrough Hide/Show:

1- Omad will tell you that he cannot sleep because of androe's son's crying because his blanket was stolen by thieves.

2- Walk Northwest from the Monastery until you get to the Clocktower. On the South west side of the Clocktower, you will see a ring of stones on the ground. Walk inside the ring, and a ladder will appear. Climb down. The blanket is there waiting for you on a table; take the blanket. Bring it back to Omad.

3- Talk again to Monk Omad, he will tell you to find Brother Cedric who has all the wine for the Party.

4- Bring water in a jug and logs; then head north towards the zoo. When you find him, he will be quite drunk and asks for water in a jug. Give it to him then give him logs to repair his cart. Go back to brother Omad who will reward you.


  • 2000 Woodcutting exp
  • 8 Law runes

Quest points gained on completion: 1

Written By/Credits: Sir Beachy & Ks Jeppe

Thanks to: htt, owibble

Correction thanks: deamongirl12, skozzy_ak, Sharper, Wyfeepoo

Last updated: July 31st 2007

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