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Online Universities – Get an Education while Keeping Your Job and Family Life

Returning to school after a long absence (or even a short absence for that matter) can be daunting. Whether you need a higher degree to advance your career, are looking to change job tracks altogether, need to boost your income or are just looking for something different, there are many obstacles in the way of returning to the classroom.

Fortunately, in today’s Internet-driven world, there are many options for people in your position. Dozens of accredited online universities offer you the opportunity to change your life without disrupting it entirely. In 2003, more than 1.9 million students were already learning online, and numbers have only increased since then as Internet technology has improved and more people have gained access to high-speed connections. No matter what type of degree you seek, from the arts and humanities to science and technology, there’s an online school out there with your name on it.

If you’re interested in learning more, many of the top online universities will send you information on their offerings free of charge. Visit the links below to request informational materials from each of them so you can decide if any of them are right for you.

Online Universities Offer Non-Traditional Students Great Chances to Learn

The advantages of online universities are particularly well suited to returning students who work full-time and have children and other responsibilities. No time or money is wasted on travel, and many universities operate on a “time-independent” schedule, meaning that you can complete your coursework at your own speed. That means that you can keep your job without sacrificing your family, and still get the degree you seek.

Online universities offer a more customized education, tailored to your individual needs and speed. Non-native speakers of English and students who are shy about sharing their thoughts during classroom discussions will find that the bulletin boards, chat sessions and listservs that substitute for live classroom debate at online universities open new opportunities for academic interchange. And, last but certainly not least, online universities are often far less costly than brick-and-mortar institutions.

If you have good computer and Internet skills, are self-motivated and enjoy working independently, then you’ll find that online universities have everything you need to jump-start your career and change your life forever. We've gone ahead and listed what are considered to be some of the best online universities today. Each link will take you to a web-page where you can request more information on the school and their offerings for free.

Request Info On Online Degrees From:
AIU Online College AIU Online
Offers degrees in business administration, criminal justice, education, healthcare management, information technology, marketing, organizational psychology, visual communications plus many more.
University of Phoenix University of Phoenix
Offers a wide variety of degrees in business, technology, health care, education & social and behavioral sciences.
Colorado Tech Online College Colorado Technical University
Offers online degree programs in business, criminal justice, health care management, information technology & marketing.
DeVry DeVry
Offers degree programs in accounting technology, health information technology, business administration, technical management, CIS, and educational technology.
ITT Tech Online College ITT Technical Institute
Offers online degrees in information technology, business & criminal justice.
Capella University Capella University
Offers a range of specialized areas of study, including finance, IT, education, and human resources.
Walden University Walden University
Offers degree programs in management, education, health and human services, psychology, and engineering.
Westwood College Westwood College
Offers degrees in business management, criminal justice, healthcare management, information systems, interior design, and various associates degrees.


If you did not find a college or a degree that best suits your needs from the above list, please check out one of the following education portals for an expanded list of Online Degree Programs from Accredited Colleges and Universities:



Online Education Portal

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