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Faith & Family - Protecting our Values

As Senator, I will insist that the United States Senate be a place that reflects our common sense, conservative Tennessee values by supporting faith and family. It must be a place where we always remember that we are "one nation under God", where we support the sanctity of marriage , and we strive to bring out the best in each other. As a Senator, I will be a consistent supporter of the pro-life cause.  Our greatness as a country is not based on our wealth. It is based on our goodness.

From Bob Corker's "Blueprint for Tennessee" - Preserving the Traditions of Faith and Family

As a father and husband, Republican Bob Corker knows that the United States Senate needs to be a place that reflects our commonsense, conservative values—a place that values each and every life, protects the unborn, supports traditional marriage, and reflects an appreciation and deep respect for people of faith.

To preserve the traditions of faith and family and uphold our traditional values, we must:

1. Ensure the judicial branch respects its proper role in a constitutional democracy.

2. Fight for our 2nd amendment rights.

3. Preserve traditional marriage.

4. Protect the unborn.

Positive Results

At age thirty, Bob Corker went with his church on a mission trip to Haiti — it was an experience that shaped the direction of his life.  Bob saw that homeownership could change the course of a family’s future. Bob led the creation of Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, a non-profit organization that helped provide decent, fit and affordable housing for families all across the city—but not with handouts.  Bob did it the right way— he required everything to be paid back and helped instill the pride and confidence of homeownership in over 10,000 families.Action Plan for the Future

As our next United States Senator, Bob Corker will:

√ Support the confirmation of conservative judges like Justices Roberts and Alito, who will interpret laws, not create them.

√ Oppose any legislative efforts to restrict our constitutional right to bear arms.

√ Support legislation protecting traditional marriage.

√ Work to advance the pro-life agenda by supporting parental consent requirements, a ban on partial birth abortion, and a ban on taxpayer funding of abortion.

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