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Left to right,My father, my Grandmother Pearl Coutts,and my auntie Lorna.

Standing behind three unknown ladies are my father Angus Murdoch and my Auntie Lorna.

My Grandfather.

My Uncle John James (Jack) Murdoch
1914 - 1994

Uncle Alexander Gordon Murdoch and auntie Edna.

My cousin Ian, uncle Alexander and my dad in Alec's back garden.

Uncle John (Jack) and uncle William (Billy) Murdoch.

Uncle Billy, auntie Lorna, auntie Winne auntie Marie and my mum Alice.

My mum Alice, cousin John Murdoch,
My dad Angus and John's wife Morna.

Photo taken of my dad in the
garden at Acheson road, West Derb

Auntie Pearl Murdoch.

Aunties Marie, Isabel and Pearl Murdoch.

Auntie Lorna and my dad.

Auntie Lorna, my mum Alice, auntie Evelin and
Marie Murdoch.

My brother Glen, Uncle Jack, cousin Reg,
and my brother Dougie.

My Grandmother Pearl Murdoch nee Coutts and her daughter Pearl.

2nd from left, Uncle Jack, Morna, my sister Julie, Morna's daughter, Fiona.
Alexandr Gordon Murdoch
Uncle Alexander Gordon Murdoch
1911 - 1990
Captain James Murdoch
My Great uncle
Captain James Murdoch
1877 - 1947

© courtesy of Dumfries Archives
Elizabeth Murdoch
My great aunt Elizabeth Murdoch 1882-1961 and her husband Chief of Police in Liverpool John T McKenzie 1881-1968

John Cumming 1834-1907.
and his Family.
L-R Henry, James, John's wife Ann and Kippford Shipbuilder John.
© courtesy of Dumfries Archives

Gravestone of
Andrew McCulloch Murdoch's Family in Colvend Parish Churchyard.
© courtesy of Margaret Murdoch

Children of stonemason
Henry Cumming Murdoch.

John Murdoch 1903-1994
Kenneth Murdoch 1901-1969
James Carson Murdoch 1905-1971
Alan Clark Murdoch 1892-1969
Bertha Murdoch 1895-1970
Elizabeth Jane Murdoch 1893-1985
Andrew McCulloch Murdoch 1896-1967

© courtesy of Babara Marsh

John Cumming
John Cumming

© courtesy of Dumfries Archives

My Auntie Pearl Murdoch her husband Walter and their son Alan in London.
© courtesy of Alan Murdoch

My Uncle Jack (centre) and
his brother Alexander on the right.
© courtesy of Alan Murdoch

Cousin Beryl, Jean, my sister Pearl and Uncle Jack in Towyn 1975.
© courtesy of Alan Murdoch

My Great Aunt, Mary Douglas (nee Murdoch)
1868 - 1962
© courtesy of Tricia Reyes

My Great Aunt Mary Murdoch and Husband James Douglas
Circa 1920
© courtesy of Tricia Reyes

My Uncle Douglas Murdoch
died from Diptheria.
© courtesy of Ian Murdoch

My Auntie Winnie, her daughter Heather, and my Grandmother
Pearl Murdoch (nee Coutts).


© Family photos copyright Wendy Murdoch Roberts 2007