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Health Insurance Leads: A New Kind of Market Requires a New Approach

Everyone knows that the health insurance market is competitive. With dozens of major companies employing thousands of agents to sell their products, the task of finding promising leads has become increasingly difficult. Scandals at AIG and Marsh & McLennan have rocked the already difficult market, increasing the anxiety of consumers who already fear that insurance companies won’t live up their promises. In our increasingly internet-savvy economy, the avenues of approach once popular among health insurance agents – Yellow Pages ads, cold calling, billboards and even pop-up Internet ads – are becoming less viable as lead generators. As an agent, what is the best way to continue developing health insurance leads? How can you reach prospective customers reliably, without intruding on those who don’t need your services? Let us help you:

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Health Insurance Leads

Optimize Your Prospects with Quality Health Insurance Leads

There’s plenty that you can do to generate health insurance leads. In response to agents’ needs in the internet age, a number of online companies that specialize in finding prospects and delivering them to the rights health insurance agents have sprung up. Most of these businesses offer a similar range of services, with slight differences in method and cost among them. How, then, should you choose the one that makes the most sense for you? What qualities should you look for in a lead-generating company? In many ways, that all depends on what you need. All good companies will guarantee that a high percentage of the leads they generate will be valid – that is, the names and email addresses of prospects will be verified before they are passed on to you – and some companies will also promise that payment any leads that turn out to be invalid will be credited back to your account. They will apply filters, making sure that the consumers you contact are qualified for health insurance. Other demographic information can also be purchased, depending on that level of detail you require. All companies will offer a name and email address, but depending on how they collect information, they may also be able to provide details such as age, gender and ZIP code, allowing you to better tailor your health insurance offer from prospect to prospect. Today’s fast-paced world required a fast-paced approach to selling health insurance.

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