CNN Layoffs

03.12.2001 - Revised: 03.30.2002


Note: This list is a comprehensive listing of former CNNers resulting from retirements and layoffs. It does not serve to be the definitive or exhaustive list. Information has been gathered from various web resources such as news articles, Tedsturnovers.com [no more], and TVSpy.com - all subject to verification from the CNN Anchors & Reporters page. This page may change without notice.

Here is a list of the anchors/reporters that left CNN in no particular order:

Bernard Shaw
Lynne Russell
Charles Bierbauer
Frank Sesno (resigned as Washington DC bureau chief)
Bobbie Battista
Kysa Daniels - resigned
Andrea Thompson - resigned

Released/ Layoffs Round 2 - September to December 2001:
Initial Wave (right after 9/11)
Fred Hickman
Vince Cellini
Lou Waters
Natalie Allen

Second Wave
Bill Tush
Eileen O'Conner
Donna Kelley
Jill Brown
Dave Hennen
Karen Magannis
Brian Nelson
Paul Vercammen
Stephanie Oswald
Denise Dillon
Brad Huffines
Kevin Corriveau
Tony Clark
Brooke Alexander
Laurin Sydney
Rick Lockridge
Alexa Lee

Roger Cossack (Court TV "Open Court")
Tamala Edwards (ABC News)
Jacque Reid (BET News)
Greta Van Susteren (Faux News Channel)
Joie Chen (CBS News)
Patricia Sabga (NBC London)

Charles Molinaux - transferred to Headline News
Holly Firfer - general assignment reported and rotating anchor for Daybreak

Layoffs Round 1 - February 2001:
Gene Randall
Sonia Ruseler
Perri Peltz
Tony Guida
Bill Tucker
Prudence Solomon
Ceci Rogers
Jim Moret
Flip Spiceland
Elsa Klensch
Carl Rochelle
Greg LaMotte
Greg Lefevre
Beverly Schuch
Lauren Theirre
Charles Zewe
Holly Firfer
Chris Black
Dan Ronan
Inga Hammond
Don Knapp
Jim Hill
Jennifer Auther
Nick Charles
Ed Garsten
Bob Beard
Jesse Jackson