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Hector Lavoe
A great among greats, this great artist’s life was marked by a tragic destiny.
Héctor Lavoe's interest in music began in his native Puerto Rico. In search of new opportunities, he traveled to New York with a suitcase full of dreams and the firm goal of landing a job in the music world.
The road ahead was not an easy one. There were many obstacles to overcome, and the price was high, as it often is for immigrants. He held down precarious day jobs for bad pay; but at night, he gave free rein to his dreams, performing in various night clubs.
Johnny Pacheco happened to hear him perform at one of those night clubs. In Lavoe he discovered a powerful voice and the easiest of manners. He was so impressed that he told Willie Colón he had found a singer for the recording of his first album, “El malo.”
The combination of Héctor Lavoe and Willie Colón enriched the world of salsa and set the stage for their collaboration, which lasted seven years. It also gave birth to 10 albums, full of vibrant songs that spoke the language of the street, a type of musical narrative that the public identified with, one that cemented salsa as a genre.
In 1975, Fania Records decided to launch its singers with the most hits as soloists. Thus began a new phase of Héctor Lavoe’s career, just as brilliant and successful, boasting the release of many albums that are now part of his rich musical legacy.
His life was an open book, each page of which documented the tragedy and heartbreak that marked and influenced the rise and fall of his brilliant professional career. Héctor Lavoe died on June 29, 1993, at 46.
17 JULY 2007 
La Voz: A Man and His Music | 2CD Album
Disk: 1
1. Aguanile
2. Banda
3. Ah-Ah/O-No
4. Te Conozco
5. Abuelita
6. Qué Bien Te Ves
7. Barrunto
8. Pirana
9. Murga
10. Juana Peña
11. Che Che Colé
12. Triste y Vacía
13. Timbalero
14. Mi Gente
15. Todo Tiene Su Final
Disk: 2
1. Todopoderoso
2. Periódico de Ayer
3. Isla del Encanto
4. Cantante
5. Sabio
6. Hacha y Machete
7. Vamos a Reír un Poco
8. Rey de La Puntualidad
9. Ublabadú
10. Aléjate
11. Fama
12. Mi Gente
04 JULY 2007 
El Cantante- The Originals | CD album
1. El Cantante
2. Mi Gente
3. Che Che Colé
4. Periódico De Ayer
5. El Dia De Suerte
6. Qué Lío
7. Aguanile
8. Todo Tiene Su Final
9. Tú Bien Lo Sabes
10. Plato De Segunda Mesa
11. No Hay Quién Te Aguante
12. Paraíso de Dulzura
13. Lloré
14. Mi Gente (Louie Vega EOL Remix-Radio Edit)
10 MAY 2007 
Live | CD album
1. Mi Gente/A Las Seis
2. Periódico de Ayer
3. Rompe Saragüey
4. Plato de Segunda Mesa
5. Murga Panameña
6. Juanito Alimaña
7. Cuándo, Cuándo, Cuándo
8. Rey de La Puntualidad
9. Cantante
10 DECEMBER 2006 
Feliz Navidad | CD album
1: Introduction Feliz Navidad
2: Montserrate
3: Mr. Brownie
4: La Parranda Fania
5: Joven Contra Viejo
6: En La Navidad
7: El Lechon De Cachete
8: Una Pena en Navidad
9: Dame Un Chance
10 OCTOBER 2006 
El Sabio | CD album
1: El Sabio
2: Plazos Traicioneros
3: Noche De Farra
4: Para Ochum
5: Para Ochum
6: Alejate
7: Llore
8: Ceora
10 OCTOBER 2006 
Que Sentimiento! | CD album
1:Amor Soñado
2:Lo Deje Llorando
4:Yo 'Ta Cansa
5:Soy Vagabundo
6:El Son
7:Seguire Mi Viaje
8:No Hay Quien Te Aguante
01 JULY 2006 
Comedia | CD album
1) El Cantante
2) Comedia
3) La Verdad
4) Tiempos Pasados
5) Bandolera
6) Porque Te Conoci
7) Songorocosongo
11 APRIL 2006 
De Ti Depende | CD album
1) Vamos A Reir Un Poco
2) De Ti Depende
3) Periodico De Ayer
4) Consejo De Oro
5) Tanto Como Ayer
6) Hacha Y Machete
7) Felices Horas
8) Mentira
14 MARCH 2006 
La Voz | CD album
1) El Todopoderoso
2) Emborrachame De Amor
3) Paraiso De Dulzura
4) Un Amor De La Calle
5) Rompe Saraguey
6) Mucho Amor
7) Tus Ojos
8) Mi Gente
Vamos A Reir Un Poco
De Ti Depende
Periodico De Ayer
Consejo De Oro
Tanto Como Ayer
Hacha Y Machete
Felices Horas
El Todopoderoso
Emborrachame De Amor
Paraiso De Dulzura
Un Amor De La Calle
Rompe Saraguey
Mucho Amor
Tus Ojos
Mi Gente

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