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TWO ODDBALLS (IÂ’d say that this comic just barely manages to skate by!)
THREE ODDBALLS (“Ann”? “Tom”? “Jean”? “Bill”? What is this, anyway -- “The Legion Of Teenagers With One-Syllable Names”?)
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The Great Society Comic Book


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November, 5, 2000

Issue #157 of 1181

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Title: The Great Society Comic Book
Issue: #10135
Date: 1966
Publisher: Parallax Comic Books, Inc. (distributed and co-published by Pock
Cover Artist(s): Tony Tallarico

It's ODDBALL ELECTION COMICS Week! If you thought the "Super Friends" stood around and talked a lot, wait 'til you meet THE G.R.E.A.T. SOCIETY, today's ODDBALL COMIC!

Over three decades before the "X-Presidents" appeared on Saturday Night Live's TV Funhouse, there existed THE GREAT SOCIETY, and this is its story. During his term of office (1963-1968), President Lyndon Baines Johnson often referred to modern America as "the Great Society." In this parody comic, that description becomes partially acrostic, with "G.R.E.A.T." standing for "Group Resigned to End All Threats"! Its members include SuperLBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson), The Shadower (Hubert H. Humphery), The Disagreein' Hornet (Everett Dirksen) Captain Marvelous (Robert McNamara), Wonderbird (First Lady "Ladybird" Johnson), Colonel America (Barry Goldwater) and many others. , In this story, "SuperLBJ Is Missing!" (a title-parody of Robert Serling's novel THE PRESIDENT'S PLANE IS MISSING) the Great Society learn that Bobman (Robert Kennedy) and Teddy (Ted Kennedy) are planning to take over their super-team! Just like most early issues of DC's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, this comic is divided into individual chapters wherein the satirical superheroes battle such dastardly villains as Gaullefinger (Charles DeGaulle), Dr. Nyet (Nikita Kruschev), Sicko Kid (Fidel Castro), the Along Ranger (Richard M. Nixon) and even the pointy white-hooded Whiteman (George Wallace)!

Believe it or not, this comic is probably one of cartoonist Tony Tallarico's better art jobs. The story's fairly effectively drawn, and it's chock-full of recognizably caricatured world leaders. Also of interest is the cover stock of this so-called comic book; rather than "normal" paper, it's printed on the same type of "non-tear" fiber-filled material that infants' "first books" were once made of! Perhaps the publisher anticipated that outraged readers might attempt to tear up the comic and wanted to make certain their product survived the experience!

ODDBALL Factoid - Although this was the only issue of THE GREAT SOCIETY COMIC BOOK ever published, the team of D. J. Arneson and Tony Tallarico produced a second political superhero parody comic for Parallax titled BOBMAN AND TEDDY, starring Robert and Ted Kennedy as a Batman-and-Robin-like dynamic duo!

For more from Scott Shaw!, visit his Web site at http://www.shawcartoons.com/.

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