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KNPB Channel 5 Staff Members Honored

Charlie AndersonChannel 5 Engineer Honored With Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that it will bestow, for the first time, a lifetime achievement award in the area of Technology and Engineering. The ceremony honors “Outstanding Achievement in Technology and Advanced New Media”. The award will be presented to the original inventors of the first practical videotape recorder, a team of six engineers including Channel 5’s Charlie Anderson and fellow team members Charlie Ginsburg, Ray Dolby, Alex Maxey, Fred Pfost and Shelby Henderson.

The six men, all then working for Ampex Corporation, introduced the first practical videotape recorder to the world on March 14, 1956. CBS went on air with the first videotape delayed broadcast, Douglas Edwards and The News, on November 30, 1956, from Los Angeles, California, using the Ampex Mark IV.

“The invention of videotape represented a fundamental shift in technology and laid the cornerstone for the avalanche of choice, service and diversity that is the modern media landscape,” said Charles Jablonski, Chair NATAS Engineering and Technology Awards Committee. “The Academy’s recognition of this innovation, and the visionaries that made it possible, is well deserved.”

KNPB Presents 2005 Outstanding Volunteer Awards

KNPB Channel 5’s volunteers perform invaluable service to the station in all its departments and activities. Volunteer help extends across a wide range of activities, from working as studio production crew to helping with professional development activities for teachers, to serving as pledge and auction talent. Each year, KNPB honors its volunteers by naming its Outstanding Volunteers of the Year at the Board of Trustee's Annual Meeting held each January.

More about the 2005 Awards...

Staff Members in the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame

Nevada Broadcasters Hall of FameChannel 5 Vice-President of Production Jack Kelly and Membership Director Ardeth Engren were recognized recently by the Nevada Broadcasters Association with membership in the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Each year the organization sponsors a gala dinner that honors broadcasting employees who have worked in the industry for a minimum of twenty years. The event is designed to bring honor and respect to the employees of Nevada’s television and radio stations.

Other Channel 5 Hall of Fame members include:

  • Ron Smith, Vice President of Development and Marketing
  • Fred Ihlow, Vice President of Technology
  • Evelyn Chmura, Manager of Technology and Operations
  • Sherri Dangberg, Director of Community Projects
  • Charlie Anderson, Engineering Assistant
  • Erin Breen, Producer/Reporter
  • Barbara Harmon, Programming Coordinator and Traffic Manager

The Nevada Broadcasters Association site:

KNPB Capital Campaign Receive Top Honors

John P. Sande III and Philip G. Satre were honored with the Public Television Leadership Award at the 2005 PBS Development Conference held October 6 – 8, 2005, in San Diego, CA. KNPB Channel 5 Public Television, as a station, was also recognized for the success of the its recent Capital Campaign. The Capital Campaign co-chaired by Satre and Sande was created in 1999 to fund KNPB’s conversion to digital television… More



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