10. Taylor Hicks

AOL users nominated their picks for the sexiest Idol ever, and we're counting down the top 10.

Lee from Deer Park, N.Y.: "Everything about him screams sexy. It's in his eyes and in his demeanor. He has a quiet sexiness that comes through in his singing. You can't learn that, you have to feel it."

9. Clay Aiken

Donna from Sunny Isles Beach, Fla.: "When he looked into that camera to sing, he made my heart melt. And I'm in my 50s!"

8. Bo Bice

Tara from Haledon, N.J.: "He's beautiful! He has long hair and a hot face!"

7. Ace Young

Lauren Reale from Newark, Del.: "He has a great face ("Ace the Face" -- duh!) and a great wardrobe and voice to go along with it. His good looks is what drew me in and his sexy/soulful voice and kind heart is what made me stay a fan of his."

6. Carrie Underwood

Linda from Manchester, N.H.: "She was pretty before, but has turned into a gorgeous young lady. I see men go crazy when they see or talk about her. They think she's hot."

5. Blake Lewis

Gabrielle from Coopersville, Mich.: "He's hot and he's the best beat boxer of all times."

4. Chris Daughtry

Lisa from Brea, Calif.: "He's sexy, talented, sweet, down-to-earth and loves his family. The whole package!"

3. Nadia Turner

Darren from Atlanta, Ga.: "She's got that megawatt style, those killer hairdos and crazy style. If singing doesn't work out, she should try modeling."

2. Ryan Starr

Ros from Washington, D.C.: "She's cute, young and always barely dressed."

1. Katharine McPhee

Stacie from New York City: She is just gorgeous. With looks like a super model, there's a bright future ahead of that girl!! And she has a great personality, which makes her even prettier."

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