Agility Dungeon

By Eeeeediot

Located just north of Yanille, the dungeon's entrance is blocked by webs which you have to slash. The variety of monsters here is only matched by the many agility obstacles presented to test your skills. It is worth noting that a building south of Yanille bank has a door to this dungeon in its' basement, but you need 82 thieving and a lockpick to pick it.

The agility obstacles each need a certain level to traverse and these are shown between brackets on the map. For example, to cross the ledge you need 40 agility. If you fail this ledge, fail the bars, or pray at the Chaos Altar you will fall into a lower level which is crawling with lvl 64 Poison spiders. The Skeletons are good training and the Chaos Druid Warriors are killed for their herb drops.

When you go down the ladder on the east side next to the Chaos druids you enter the small room shown. Then you can climb the pile of rubble (needs 67 agility) into the passage way shown. Here you can kill Salarin the twisted (with mind spells only). He sometimes drops the rare sinister key which you can use to open the sinister chest located in the earlier part of this dungeon. This give a selection of 9 herbs, including the torstol used to make the Zamorak Potion. Refer to our Herblore guide for more details.




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