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American Wrestling Association
Women's World Title
(as of 2007/08/05)

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June Byers 54/08/20 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Mildred Burke for NWA World Title; continues to be recognized by AWA after it splits from NWA in 60; title is declared vacant by AWA in 63.
Kay Noble 63/04/13 St. Paul, MN
Defeats Kathy Starr for the vacant title; Byers continues to be recognized by NWA until her retirement in 64/01.
Vivian Vachon 71/11/04 Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Betty Nicoli.
Betty Nicolli 73/08/16<
Candi Devine * 84/11 Minneapolis, MN
Wins battle royal; vacant in 85.
Candi Devine 85/09
Sherri Martel 85/09/28 Chicago, IL
Candi Devine [2] 85/10
Awarded without title match.
Sherri Martel [2] 85/10/17 Winnipeg, MB
Candi Devine [3] 86/01/16 Winnipeg, MB
Sherri Martel [3] 86/06/28 Oakland, CA
Vacant on 87/07/25 when Martel jumps to WWF.
Madusa Miceli 87/12/27 Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Candi Devine.
Wendi Richter 88/11/26 Bloomington, MN
Vacant in 89/12.
Candi Devine [4] 89/12/06 Toronto, ON
Defeats Judy Martin; AWA closes in 91; still/again billed as champion in 95/01<.
Sherri Martel [4] 99/05  
Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) supposedly purchases the rights to the AWA name, but not the promotion itself, in 96 and starts his own promotion; Martel is awarded by president Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) but refuses his terms and instead defeats Gagne's hand-picked opponent, Ms. Manners (Adrian Lync) to win the title on 99/06/17 in Fargo, ND; vacant in 2006.
Nanae Takahashi 06/10/01 Tokyo, JAPAN
Defeats Africa 55.
Amazing Kong 07/01/14 Tokyo, JAPAN
Also wins NWA World Title, winning a double-title match against MsChif on 07/05/05 in Streamwood, IL.
Nanae Takahashi [2] 07/05/13 Los Angeles, CA
Wins AWA Title only; declared vacant on 07/05/14 because of a controversy in the match.
Nanae Takahashi [3] 07/05/27 Tokyo, JAPAN
Defeats Wesna Busic and Amazing Kong in a 3-way match; AWA officially announces that the title is retired upon the death of the former champion Sherri Martel, but Takahashi continues to be recognized as world champion in Japan.
Jamie D. 07/08/05 Tokyo, JAPAN

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