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Letters to the Editor #5 (12-Aug-2007)

Re: 'Growing Pains', March 16th 2007 Dear Editor, Your article 'Growing Pains' of March 16th looked at Jagex Ltd as a company. We know a bit about the distant history of Jagex,...

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 Time for the Times
 By: misplacedme Date: Sunday, 12-Aug-2007

It's time for another batch of "Letters to the Editor" This week, we have a couple of finely written letters that I'm sure you will enjoy reading, so check out Letters to the Editor #5 (12-Aug-2007)! As always, we like to hear your thoughts on the article, so join in the discussion on the forums after you finish.

We also have some content updates for you. We noticed that the Getting Around guide had a couple of changes that needed made, such as the trawler sinking, so this has been fixed. The Music Locations guide has also been updated according to corrections in the forum.

Happy Scaping!

 Updates, Hot Topic, and a Poll
 By: misplacedme Date: Wednesday, 08-Aug-2007

Hello everyone! It's been a busy week in the crew, and we have a few updates for you.

First, let's get the calculators and planners out of the way. The construction calculator and planner have had a couple of level errors fixed. The high alchemy calculator has a few new bracelets added, and the thieving calculator and planner have had experience values fixed. I'm sorry to say it, but the fishing calculator and planner have had the junk items from big net fishing removed. If you were planning on leveling to 99 on them, you will just have to figure that one out yourself.

After reviewing the polls regarding dungeon maps, we decided that we would combine a couple of the ideas. Now, we have the dots on the map set as a link to the monster, with a slightly wider area and a list below the map for every monster there. We've already fixed up a few maps, so check them out. Draynor sewers, Edgeville dungeon, and the Slayer tower.

Our guides haven't been forgotten either. The Ranged guide has been updated with dragon dart information and new crossbows. The Ghostly Robes guide has been updated with new pictures, and a couple of related notes. And finally, the Castle Wars guide has also been updated with a few new pictures and more explanations to many of it's sections.

Now, since it's Wednesday, I would like to direct you to this week's Hot Topic. If you are bored and want to chat with a bunch of Tip.it-ers, join the Tip.it Clan Chat and hold onto your sanity.

The new poll has also been released. With the release of the clan chats, there are thousands of channels you can jump in with your friends, and there are many people that hop around and visit as many as you can. So, vote in this week's poll "How many clan chats do you visit?" and then join in the discussion in the forums.

 Clan Discussion Hot Topic
 By: the_tallest1 Date: Wednesday, 08-Aug-2007

I'm very pleased to announce the start of a new feature available on the forum's Clan Discussion board. Along with the many changes we are implementing within the Tip.It Clan Community, we will be spotlighting topics that have plenty of room for discussion and give users something to debate.

You can find our first Clan Community Hot Topic, Clan Growth over the Summer: Which clan surprised you? on the Clan Discussion board. Happy posting!

 Title: Tip.It Times Double Feature!
 By: Alduron Date: Saturday, 04-Aug-2007

This week Tip.It provides two Times articles for double your reading pleasure!

The first is a guest editorial by Prankster_King, RuneScape: A game for the young? It can be discussed on the forums in this topic.

The second is a true story by the Scaredy-Cat of Runescape, Buying and Selling. It can be discussed on the forums in this topic.

 Wenesday Hot Topic
 By: misplacedme Date: Wednesday, 01-Aug-2007

At the beginning of June, our hot topic was the discussion for more F2p bank space. This week, we offer the counter-argument in the "Anti-More ftp bankspace thread!" Enjoy your read!




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