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The Neighbourhood

When they're not bursting in and out of each other's houses, the Ramsay Street residents tend to hang out at the Lassiter's Hotel Complex, which includes:

Lassiter's Hotel – part of a worldwide chain of hotels in locations like London, New York, Montana and Darwin. The neighbours come here to eat, drink, socialise, work and occasionally burn it to the ground. The hotel has a shopping arcade with a bookstore, chemist, clothing boutique and gift shop.

The General Store – a café/post office and basic stationery store for unadventurous Ramsay Street residents, who apparently don't like to stray too far from home. As with most of the other locations and businesses, it has been owned at one time or another by various neighbours under various names and has, of course, been burnt to the ground.

Scarlet Bar – previously known as The Waterhole when it was officially Lassiter's Hotel bar. It's now an independent business. The new bar was built on the site of the old one after it was burnt to the ground.

Erinsborough Medical Centre – where the residents go when they're sick and Dr Karl goes to cheat on his wife. It shares the building with legal firm Tim Collins and Associates. It's been rebuilt since being damaged by fire (but not burnt to the ground).

A Good Hair Day salon – the residents go here to get their hair done, so it's in tip-top shape for tossing.

Erinsborough High School – attended by many of the teenage neighbours, some of whom have come back to teach there. Older neighbours have been principals or counsellors at the school until they were prevented by amnesia/rumoured affairs with students.

Erinsborough Hospital – just about every neighbour has been through here at some point. They've worked, given birth, visited sick family and friends, lain in comas, died and, of course, been treated for smoke inhalation and burns here.

Grease Monkeys – Erinsborough's fast food restaurant. The younger neighbours often eat or work here.

Carpenter's Mechanics – the local garage. The neighbours take their cars here for repairs and some have worked here.

Neighbouring suburbs:
Eden Hills – the rich suburb near Erinsborough. It has an expensive private school and a university.
West Warratah – the poor suburb near Erinsborough. It has a caravan park which used to be home to several Ramsay Street residents.
Anson's Corner and Elliot Park – other suburbs near Erinsborough.

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