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If you were expecting to see a fancy typeface, sorry! This is a different and distinctly heavier type of font!
The base of this font is not as old as the cover. The cover was provided in 1631 The font base was installed in 1848. There is detailed stone carving - 3D sculpture in fact.

The font is used at the beginning of a person's membership of the Church, for the ceremony of Baptism. This is why the Font is near the main door - near the point of entry to the Church building. [Of course the word 'Church' really refers to the people - members of the Church, not just the building.] The Font is used to contain water, which is blessed by the Priest, and used to mark a Cross on the forehead of the person seeking Baptism into the Church. The remaining water drains away into the foundations of the Priory after the ceremony.

Baptism Services are arranged as required, with the Vicar. There is no age limit for Baptism. Full membership of the Church is marked by the ceremony of Confirmation which is carried out after a short candidates' training course, by a Bishop. There is no fee for either Baptism or Confirmation, although, as the upkeep of the building and running of the Parish depend on contributions from its members, an opportunity for voluntary contributions is provided. There is no government funding.

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