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The Organ

View of the organ case and console. The Organ is situated in the North Choir. The ornate casework and front rank of pipes are thought to date from Victorian times. The most recent pipe organ was finally completed in 1965 as the memorial plaque says "This organ was completed in 1965 largely through the Generosity of County Alderman William James Garnett JP DL of Quernmore Park". The pipe organ was replaced in February 1982 by an electronic four manual instrument made by J & J Makin of Rochdale and Bolton.

The Makin Organ is bright and has delicate Hohl & Spitz flute stops, evocative solo Cromorne, Corno di Bassetto and French horn and interesting harmonic mutations in addition to the usual diapasons, strings and reeds down to the 32 foot Double Open Wood & Contra Bombarde. Electronic phasing is applied to give a three dimensional sound. The manuals are 61 note and the 32 note pedal board is radial/concave. The TV screen on the right hand side of the music rest gives the Organist a view of the conductor.

Maintenance costs are significantly lower than those of a pipe instrument, and tuning is much more reliable. Loudspeaker banks are situated behind the Victorian casework and in the West Gallery. They can be individually selected, or combined. Click here to see the original Organ Specification. The Priory Organist until May 2000 was Mr Keith Worsman. He is now Organist Emeritus. His successor was Mr Edward Goldsmith, who stayed with us for just a year before work commitments took him southwards to Lincoln.
Ian Pattinson took over as Organist in September 2001. He is available for professional music tuition and recitals.

View of the organ console.
The Organ Console

This black & white photograph (above) by the organ builders, is taken from the leaflet produced by J & J Makin for Lancaster Priory when the organ was installed. The console was specially designed to fit the space in the organ case previously occupied by the three manual pipe organ console, whilst still conforming to the standard console dimensions. Much of the previous organ went to Whalley Parish Church - next to Whalley Abbey.

View of part of the organ electronics.
View of part of the Organ electronic circuitboards

Canon Peter would like to install an additional Pipe organ in the West Gallery and would welcome offers of assistance with this project to fund capital outlay and recurrent maintenance.

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