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The hotly tipped boys from Manchester deliver sounds of epic proportions in their debut session. Listen to it right hear.

Omerta 'Xfm Session' [Dial-Up] [Broadband]

Omerta are a Manchester based four-piece that combine electronica, rhythm, synths and rock guitar to create a sharp sound merging the magnificent melody of Interpol with the anthemic quality of The Killers, but still protecting their northern roots.

Promising debut single ‘Everyone is Frozen’ [Dial-Up] [Broadband] opens the session sounding like Thirteen Senses experimenting with synths. ‘Synchronise Your Smiles’ [Dial-Up] [Broadband] will have your head synchronising with the clouds above with its floating and dreamlike melodies, before the dark and furious ‘Learn To Love The Systems’ [Dial-Up] [Broadband] brings you crashing back down to the ground.


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