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Online Colleges: Learning that�s Available to All

The information age has expanded our access to the world, opened up lines of communication that never existed and brought people together, revolutionizing our ability to interact with people far away from us in a way that no invention since the telephone has come close to doing. The Internet allows us to do many everyday tasks in no time, from the comfort of our own homes: the processes of banking, shopping, making travel plans and even meeting new friends have been completely altered. Even going to school has been changed forever. At college, students have access to an entire world of knowledge – and at home, anyone with the time and effort and money to spare can have access to a profusion of online college.

Are you looking to go back to school, interested in online educational opportunities, but aren’t sure about where to begin? Request more information from some of the top online colleges by visiting the links below.

Is an Online College Education Right for You?

These days, it’s possible to find an accredited online program in almost any field or degree level, from Associate’s to Master’s or MBA. The question, however, remains as to whether you are well suited to an electronic learning environment. New technology is constantly improving and increasing options for communication, but online colleges are fundamentally different from their brick-and-mortar counterparts. In many cases, these differences result in the perfect environment for the non-traditional learner.

Have you always been shy and hesitant to participate in group discussions? The listserv, bulletin board and email-intensive format of online colleges may be perfect for you. Do you like to have time for reflection before offering your responses? Then you’ll love the time-independence of online colleges, which will allow you to think carefully before responding to questions and essay topics. Are you self-motivated and independent? Then online college could be the perfect solution for you.

Before applying to any online college, there are a few things you should investigate. First, make sure that the school is accredited, and check the name of the accrediting institution against the list on the US Department of Education’s website (note: all of the online colleges listed below are accredited) . Second, find out what kind of learning the school engages in, how much contact you can expect to have with instructors, and what the online “classroom” will be like. A little research goes a long long way when you’re looking at online schools. If you would like to request information from some of the top online colleges in the online world, please visit the links below.

Request Info On Online Degrees From:
AIU Online College AIU Online
Offers degrees in business administration, criminal justice, education, healthcare management, information technology, marketing, organizational psychology, visual communications plus many more.
University of Phoenix University of Phoenix
Offers a wide variety of degrees in business, technology, health care, education & social and behavioral sciences.
Colorado Tech Online College Colorado Technical University
Offers online degree programs in business, criminal justice, health care management, information technology & marketing.
DeVry DeVry
Offers degree programs in accounting technology, health information technology, business administration, technical management, CIS, and educational technology.
ITT Tech Online College ITT Technical Institute
Offers online degrees in information technology, business & criminal justice.
Capella University Capella University
Offers a range of specialized areas of study, including finance, IT, education, and human resources.
Walden University Walden University
Offers degree programs in management, education, health and human services, psychology, and engineering.
Westwood College Westwood College
Offers degrees in business management, criminal justice, healthcare management, information systems, interior design, and various associates degrees.


If you did not find a college or a degree that best suits your needs from the above list, please check out one of the following education portals for an expanded list of Online Degree Programs from Accredited Colleges and Universities:



Online Education Portal

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