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Academic Staff
 Javed Ahmad Ghamidi    (Fellows)
Personal Information
 Date of Birth:  18-04-1951
 Nationality:  Pakistani
 Marital Status:  Married

Pupil of Amin Ahsan Islahi (1973-95); B.A (English Literature, Philosophy) (1972), Honors (English Literature (1)) Govt. College, Lahore

 Contact:  Ghamidi@al-mawrid.org
Teaching Assignment
  • All the courses taught at Al-Mawrid are developed under his supervision.

  • Taught the Qur’an, Hadith, Advanced Arabic Grammar and Classical Arabic Literature to many batches of students in a period spanning the last three decades (1970-2000).

  • Taught Islamic Studies at the Civil Services Academy (1980-91).
  • Guest Speaker at the Pakistan Television Corporation, NIPA, Administrative Staff College, Civil Services Academy, LUMS.
  • Has been Delivering weekly lectures on the text of the Qur’an for the past 30 years at various venues. (1970- )
  • Lectured widely on various aspects and contents of Islam (1970- )


Major Writings (Urdu)

  Worked on various topics related to Islamic philosophy, Islamic law and Islamic jurisprudence. Major research works include the following:

  1. Al-Bayan: An annotated translation of the Divine message with a view to unfold its coherence. The portions translated as yet are: the last group (Surah Mulk (67) to Surah Nas (114)) and a major part of Surah Baqarah.

  2. Mizan: A comprehensive treatise on the contents of Islam.
  3. Burhan: A dissertation in which contemporary religious thoughts have been critically analyzed

Following are some important articles of Mizan that have been completed:

  1. Qanun i Da‘wat (Lahore: Al-Mawrid, 1997): This article discusses the Islamic guidelines for the dissemination and propagation of the message of Islam. It also presents criticisms on the ideas of many other Islamists including militants who advocate violence for establishing the rule of Islam.

  2. Qanun i Siyasat (Lahore: Al-Mawrid, 1997): This article discusses the Islamic guidelines for running the state. Many important questions have also been taken up in this article, for instance. Is Islam a Democracy or a Theocracy or something else? What is the legal definition of a Muslim? and many others.
  3. Qanun i Ma‘ishat (Lahore: Al-Mawrid, 1997): This dissertation includes the Islamic guidelines for running the economy.
  4. Qanun i Jihad (Ishraq; Nov 2000- Aug 2001):An article that explains the widely misunderstood term of Jihad; it brings to light the fact that Jihad can neither be waged without state authority nor, in these times, can it be undertaken to forcibly convert people to Islam. Besides, self defence, it can only be launched to curb oppression and injustice.
  5. Hudud-u-Ta‘ziraat (Lahore: Al-Mawrid, 1995): This dissertation presents the Islamic law of legal punishments and dispels many wrong notions about this law, for instance the notion that the testimony of a woman is half that of a man’s and that the diyyah (penalty) for unintentionally killing a woman is half that of a man’s.
  6. Din Ka Sahih Tasawwur (Lahore: Al-Mawrid, 1995): This article presents the overall picture of the religion of Islam.
  7. Usul u Mabadi (Lahore: Dansih Sara, 2000): This dissertation explains the principles and fundamentals one must be aware of in interpreting the Qur’an, Sunnah and the Ahadith.


Positions Held

  • Founder President, ‘Al-Mawrid’

  • Founder President, ‘Danish Sara’ (1997-2001)
  • President, ‘Daru’l-Ishraq’ (1999-)
  • Founder, Monthly ‘Renaissance’
  • Editor, Monthly ‘Ishraq’, (1985-1993; 2000- )
  • Patron, ‘Mus‘ab Public School’ (1994- )

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