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Dp.ru is published by ZAO Bonnier Business Press, a daughter company of The Bonnier Group.

Bonnier Group

The Bonnier Group
The Bonnier Group is a family-owned international media group based in Sweden. It has operations in more then 20 countries, with focus on northern Europe. The Bonnier Group comprises approximately 150 companies and operations. The Group’s structure is characterized by decentralization, with responsibilities, duties and authority being distributed as close to everyday operations as possible. Operations cover most media formats and are divided into five business areas: Bonnier Books, Bonnier Magazine Group, Bonnier Business Press, Bonnier Newspapers and Bonnier Entertainment (movies, music, radio and television). In addition the Bonnier Group is part owner of several media companies. Net sales of the Bonnier Group were 20,051 M SEK and profit before tax 2,585 M SEK in 2005. 

Bonnier in Russia

Delovoy Peterburg
Bonnier activities in Russia goes back almost 15 years. In 1993 a business newspaper Delovoy Peterburg was established in St. Petersburg. From a small weekly has become leading daily business paper in St. Petersburg with yearly turnover of 322 M rubles and profit of 54 M rubles (in 2005). Delovoy Peterburg (www.dpgazeta.ru) has today a circulation of 23 500 copies, 19 500 out of that are paid subscriptions.

Beside the paper Bonnier Business Press has other business operations in St. Petersburg:
Handbooks – specialized regularly refreshed books dedicated to different business areas. The most popular among seven titles is Hotel Management handbook with almost 700 subscribers all over the Russia. (www.handbooks.ru)

Delivery Service
As quality of the content and delivery are key success factors of every newspaper, Delovoy Peterburg founded its own delivery service four years ago. Today DP’s Delivery has almost 400 employees including 300 postmen, 20 cars. Besides the daily morning delivery of DP our delivery service finds more and more new customers in St. Petersburg who need regular and high quality delivery of their letters, catalogues, magazines etc. (http://www.dpgazeta.ru/adver_kurier)

Since the beginning of 2005 DP started the third business line – conferences and seminars for decision makers in St. Petersburg. During 6 first months we have organized 7 conferences and more then 1000 people have bought tickets to take part of those. (www.ok.dp.ru)

Dp.ru is the first project for Bonnier Business Press outside of St. Petersburg where Delovoy Peterburg is well known by its independency as a news provider. Bonnier values – freedom of speech, quality and responsibility, are followed in every business project we start in Russia. Our target in online business is to become a leading online news source for Russian managers, entrepreneurs and investors.

Management’s contact

Bonnier Busines Press
Andrus Vaher, Managing Director
Oleg Tretyakov, Director of Regional Development
Vladimir Zolotoverkhy, Financial Director

Denis Pikunov, Director and Editor-in-Chief
Anna Belevtseva, Commercial Director
Polina Kozlovskaya, Marketing Director

Delovoy Peterburg
Oleg Tretyakov, Editor-in-Chief
Marina Zabruskova, Advertising Director
Svetlana Titorenko, Circulation Manager

Gleb Ivanov, Manager

Delivery Service
Nira Vinnik, Manager
Svetlana Alekseeva, Sales Manager

Olga Staver, Manager

Dp.ru office in Moscow: 
3, Kondratjuka st.,
3d floor
129515 Moscow
Tel/fax: 495 981 0647

Delovoy Peterburg’s office in St. Petersburg:
Akademika Pavlova 5,
Business Center River House
197022 St. Petersburg
Tel: 812 326 9700
Fax: 812 326 9701





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