Bond Machine Knitting - Muff Pattern

Date: Sat,  3 Jan 1998 16:52:16, -0500
Subject: [BOND] Re: scarf.....

Here's another one, it's a muff, like
the mink one Barbara Streistand carried in Funny Girl, only knitted.  I
used worsted and a tuck stitch, I eyeballed the width and guestimated
the length.  What I got was a wide band of knitted fabric, I joined it
on the km, cast off and turn it. I stitched up the sides a bit so the
opening was just large enough to place my hands into, and the bottom
formed a pouch-like pocket for my coin purse and  keys. It saved
replacing gloves and felt like a large mitten. I got it wide enough to
cover the cuff of my coat, and that kept the cold air from going up my

	|		|<--
   	|		|     leave open for hands
	|		|<--
	|		|<--
	|		|   stitch close for pouch/pocket
	|		|
	|_______________ |<--

Andrea in Indy
So much yarn, too many interruptions.


Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 19:39:08 -0600
From: Ben (
Subject: [BOND] Re: scarf.....


Sounds like a great idea.  I'm going to try it, but add a strap to it to
wear it around my neck -- sort of a purse/muff combo.

Susan in Nebraska

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