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Online Degrees: Make Dreams of a Better Career a Reality

Not so long ago, choosing to get a degree from home seriously limited your career options. Theoretically, correspondence courses could be taken in almost any subject, but the impossibility of quick back-and-forth interaction among students along with the tedium of waiting for instructor responses via regular mail meant that the process of obtaining any degree or certification was a long, drawn-out and often frustrating one. Perhaps you recall watching TV commercials advertising careers in HVAC, locksmithing, administrative assistance, legal assistance, and real estate, wishing that you could re-up your degree but dissatisfied with the options. Today, in the Information Age, your choices are much broader and more exciting. The speed of the Internet makes it easy to organize the kind of fast-paced, personal discussion among students and instructors that was simply impossible a decade or two ago. Bulletin boards, listservs, live chat rooms and even teleconferencing have completely revolutionized remote education. If you’re seeking one or multiple online degrees but don’t know where to start, check out the links below to some of the highest rated online educational institutions.

An Educated Student is a Happy Student

When you’re considering which online college makes the most sense for your needs, keep in mind the two types of courses that such institutions offer. Synchronous courses happen in real time, with live chat, streaming audio, and fast-paced discussions between students and instructors. Synchronous courses happen at regularly scheduled time, and are the closest thing you’ll find online to an actual brick-and-mortar college. Asynchronous courses are time-independent, and use email, listservs, and other similar devices for the exchange of ideas. If you have a busy, unpredictable schedule and want to get your online degrees on your own time, asynchronous courses are the best route for you to take.

Everyone’s heard of “diploma mills,” fake correspondence college that take their students’ money and give them a meaningless degree. How can you avoid the same kind of scam online? First, always check to make sure that the college you’re considering is accredited. This means that the school conforms to certain standards and ensures that your degree carries the weight of a real school. Second, check the school’s accrediting institution, which should be listed on its website, against the official list on the Department of Education website.

Request Info On Online Degrees From:

AIU Online College    AIU Online - Degrees in business administration, criminal justice, education, healthcare management, information technology, marketing, organizational psychology, visual communications & more.
Baker Online College    Capella University Online - Accredited online university that offers a range of specialized areas of study, including finance, IT, education, and human resources.
Colorado Tech Online College    Colorado Technical University Online - Offers online degree programs in business, criminal justice, health care management, information technology & marketing.
Colorado Tech Online College    Devry University - DeVry's "anytime, anywhere" educational initiatives integrate high-tech Internet capabilities with proven teaching techniques.
ITT Tech Online College    ITT Technical Institute Online - Offers online degrees in information technology, business & criminal justice.
UOP Online College    University of Phoenix Online - Offers a wide variety of degrees in business, technology, health care, education & social and behavioral sciences.
UOP Online College    Walden University - Offers degree programs in management, education, health and human services, psychology, and engineering.


    ClassesUSA - If you did not find a college or a degree that best suits your needs from the above list, please check out ClassesUSA for an expanded list of Online Degree Programs from Accredited Colleges and Universities.


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