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Stateline Queensland presenter

This week on Stateline (10/08/007) we talk to the Prime Minister, Premier and a Mayor about the threat to sack local councils. We look at whether you're risking your health with a visit, and we meet the show's boss who's thinking about changing Ekka's timetable.

Stateline NSW presenter

This week:(10.08.07) is privatisation on the State agenda again? A council faces the sack over the "Glasshouse" project and the Federal and NSW Governments scrap over timber supplies.

Stateline Canberra presenter

August 10th:
*Trouble at Mill;
*A Vietnamese - Australian Story;
*New Cinema;
*VIP Photos.

Stateline Victoria presenter

On Stateline... Ten years on, justice is done, but the controversy surrounding the Mersina Halvagis murder isn't over. Also, the seventies come screaming back with the revival of one of the decade's strangest sports.

Stateline Tasmania presenter

Tonight on Stateline (10th August) Tasmania's next big water project-the Poatina Pipeline promises to bring an agricultural boom to the Midlands and retrieving knowledge: members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community rediscover the art of canoe making.

Stateline SA presenter

On this week's Stateline 17/08/07: A love story: how a government department told a Sudanese refugee his wife was not his wife, how the wife was kidnapped by rebels and the man's on-going struggle to get her back.

Stateline WA presenter

This week on Stateline; The stampede to access new mental health services; A testing week for the Nationals; Business or pleasure? Behind the scenes at Australia's biggest mining forum in Kalgoorlie; And the Perth scientist heading to NASA to plan missions to the moon.

Stateline NT presenter

This week on Stateline we reveal the winner of the 2007 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.