The 1850 Mortality Schedule for Pulaski County
Enumerated by George Hampe

©Illinois Trails History and Genealogy

Several mistakes were found in this mortality schedule having to do with occupations for children and infants. They have been omitted from this file.  To find Mortality Schedules for other years and other counties, you can contact the Illinois State Archives, Margaret Cross Norton Building, Capitol Complex, Springfield, IL 62756, Telephone: (217) 782-4682, Fax: (217) 524-3930. They hold all remaining schedules at their facility.

To review the epidemics that occurred in Illinois, and the definitions for some of these old diseases, visit our Epidemics in Illinois page.

Nancy Metcalf Age 54, married, born in VA, died Nov. of fever
Jas. T. Edwards Age 3/12, b. Ky., died Nov. of fever
Emily Burton Age 18, married, b. Ill., died Nov. child bed
William W. Burton Age 2/12, b. Ill., died Dec. of unknown causes
John Moler Age 4, b. Ill., died Aug. of worms
Catharine Ross Age 50, married, b. in N. C., died Dec. of pneumonia
Joseph T. Wilson Age 38, b. Ohio, Physician died in Nov. of Typhus
Hugh Wilson Age 66, married, b. Pa., Carpenter, died May of Congestive fever
Daniel Lyarly Age 20, b. Ill., Com. Lab., died Nov. of Cong. Chills
Franklin Lyarly Age 18, b. Ill., Com. Lab., died Mar of Ship fever
Wm. R. Deahl Age 8/12, b. Ill., died Sept of Cong. Chills
Frances E. Newman Age 5/12, b. Ill., died August of Bowel Compt.
Nancy Anglin Age 50, married b. S. Ca., Housekeeper, died Mar. of Asthma
John M. Pierson Age 8/12, b. Ill., died Feb. of Croup
James Churchwell Age 18, b. Tenn., Com. Lab., died March of Pneumonia
Sarah Jane Age 12, b. Tenn., died March of Cong. Chills
Infant Sheppard Age 1/365, b. Ill. died Oct of unknown causes
John S. Smith Age 3, b. Ill., died Aug of Chills
Mary J. McCord Age 19, b. Tenn., Com Lab, died Dec. of Sup. Menstrun
Louisa Hayns Age 21, b. Ohio, died March of Pneumonia
James Hill Age 45, married b. in N. C., Farmer, died April of Drunkeness
William H. Murphy Age 2/12, b. Ill., died April of unknown causes
Samuel Seals Age 60, married b. Ind., Farmer, died Oct. of Consumption
Lucinda E. Mowrey Age 2, b. Ill., died Jly of Cholera Morbus
Robert J. Durham Age 18, b. N. Ca., Farming, died Feb. of Pneumonia
Willis Standard Age 65, married, b. N. Ca., Farming, died Sept of Pneumonia
Phebe Morris Age 32, b. N. Ca., died Nov. Child Bed
Benj. F. Marshall Age 1 *this says married, possibly this belongs on the line above.* b. Ill., died July of Inflamation of the Brain.
Rachel Story Age 25/365, b. Ill., died July of Bowel Complt.
Mary A. Walker Age 4/12, b. Ill., died July of Bowel Complt.
Winney McCroley Age 22, married, b. Ill., died April of Consumption
Rachel Worthington Age 35, married, b. Ky. died Oct. child bed
George T. Mitchey Age 3, b. Ill., died Sept. of worms
Margaret A. Russell Age 6/12, b. Ill., died Jan. of Croup
Mary C. Robeson Age 14, b. N. C., died Oct. of fever
Catharine Castor Age 6/12, b. Ill., died March, Conspt. sick from Mother
Henry A. Ward Age 3, b. Ill., died Sept of croup
Melinda Eastwood Age 4, b. Ill., died Sept of croup
Reuben Chaney Age 42, married b. Ky., Farming, died July of Cholera Morbus
Elizabeth S. Barber Age 39, married, b. N. C., died Aug. cesation of menses
Ann M. Miller Age 4, b. Ill., died Oct.tumor in side
William H. Miller Age 3/12, b. Ill., died Aug. of Diarhea
Catharine Wilson Age 3, b. Ill., died June of congestive fits
Thomas B. Hughes Age 2, b. Ill., died Nov. of pneumonia
Idelia A. Boren Age 6, b. Ill., died Aug. of congestive chills
John Gant Age 2/365, b. Ill., died Feb. of unknown causes
Amanda Barefield Age 1, b. Ill., died June of worms
Benj. F. McGee Age 18, b. Ky., Com. Lab., died Nov. Inflamation kidney
John R. Wear Age 1, b. Ill., died Sept. of Ague
John Ellenwood Age 44, married, b. N. C., Farming, died May Erysipelas
Mary Ellenwood Age 40, married b. N. C., died May of Erysipelas
Alonzo McCloud Age 13, b. Ill., died March of pneumonia
Jane Riney Age 19, married, b. Ill., died Feb. of Pleurisy
Joel W. Rivers Age 37, married, b. Ala., Merchant, died Jan. of Bil. Fever
Adeline Age 11/12, b. Ark., died Sept. Teething

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