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Safe Schools Training Series


All trainings can be customized to meet the particular needs of your school.

GLSEN Boston has a cadre of over 30 professional trainers. Many of our trainers have over 10 years of experience in the field and reflect the multicultural diversity of the Commonwealth.


Trainings for Faculty, Administrators, & Staff

GLSEN Boston conducts trainings at both an introductory level (101) and a more advanced level (201). Trainings can vary in length from one hour to a full day and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. We can target trainings to educators at various grade levels (pre-K through 12), administrators, support staff, coaching staff, and others, depending on the needs of your school.

Trainings follow a basic format: presenting a rationale for addressing respect in your school; highlighting the harmful effects that homophobia has on students and schools; and focusing on solutions to create a safer school environment.

Specific topics that may be addressed include:

  • Responding to name-calling and bullying
  • Making your classroom and students safer
  • Helping fellow staff members understand the need for and relevance of addressing safety for all
  • Understanding transgender issues
  • Talking with administrators, parents, and colleagues about why this work is important


Trainings for Students

Trainings for students involve interactive and age-appropriate activities to help students talk constructively about LGBT issues and to raise awareness about how these issues affect their school. Specific topics that may be addressed include:

  • Supporting friends who come out
  • Responding to homophobic jokes and comments
  • Same-sex marriage
  • What students can do to make their schools safe

Like the trainings for faculty, trainings for students can vary in length from one hour to a full day.


Comprehensive Safe Schools Training

Massachusetts public school teachers may use any combination of 10 hours of GLSEN Boston programming to satisfy professional development requirements. We also have one 10-hour course that we can bring to your school or that you may attend at an outside site. Topics include:

  • Creating a safe and inclusive institution
  • Responding to bullying and name-calling
  • Working with parents and administrators
  • Developing an anti-harassment policy


Fully Customized Training

We can customize any of our programs to meet the specific needs of your school or community. You choose the topic.


Please contact the GLSEN Boston office for more information:

31 Heath Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
P: 617-536-9669
F: 617-238-2467