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Address: Cerro de las Noas.


Open hours: Monday thru Sunday, all day.

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Main collections:
Replicas of Tierra Santa (holy land) like the Cave of Belem, the Calvario (Calvary), Santo Sepulcro (Holy Gravesight), and an incredible panoramic view of the Lagunera Region.

Brief history of one magnificent building

The highest example of the Torreonense popular fervor constitutes the Christ of the Hill of the Noas, conceived in 1973 by priest Jose Rodriguez Tenorio and placed or designated as an architectonic monument, thanks to the sculptor, Vladimir Alvarado. One decade later, it was in placed 220 meters above the city (1300 meters above the sea level), the second highest of this type in all of Latin America (21.80 meters high).

In the city of Torreon a stony mass rises, built by nature. On this formation the majestic figure of the Christ of the Noas is perfectly framed in the scene. On his feet, the Perl of the Lagoon (Perla de la Laguna) extends to the horizon.

The hill owes its name to a type of cactus that grows there: The Noa.

The Christ Redeemer symbolizes not only the Catholic faith, but also the iron will of the Torreonenses and the decision of a religious man. It is a huge work, one of the greatest of its kind in Mexico.

Its accomplishment was possible thanks to the persistence of priest Jose Rodriguez Tenorio, whose interest in fortifying the devotion of the Laguneros around Christ lead him to promote, in addition to the statue, a monumental religious-tourist center.

“The purpose of this work is to reach the invisible through the visible”, the priest explains, to recognize immediately: “A lot has already been done, relative to all that could be done”.

Three decades ago Priest Jose Rodriguez Tenorio arrived in Torreon. In 1973 he devoted himself to the task of crystallizing his project. Several years passed, during which time his work yielded or gave form to a 580 ton concrete statue with out-stretched arms, the Christ.

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