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Jav Barb
Author: JEB90
Version: 1.09
Page 1

Skill Points
Skill Points


Hi all, I finally finished building my Jav barb to my satisfaction. He’s such fun (and a bit unusual) that I thought I’d write up one last guide. I hope you find it useful. Anyway, the Jav barb is kind of a hybrid, but not really, because he doesn’t switch weapons during a duel. What he does switch—and very effectively—is his method of attack. The Jav barb can kill with normal throwing, Double Throw, WW, and Berserk. Yes—you read that right—WW and Berserk. This last feature is what makes a Jav barb so fun to play. No one, and I mean no one, believes that a Jav barb can kill them with melee attacks. Usually they start to come around when they are picking up their corpses.

Skill Points

Throwing Mastery: 20
Spear Mastery: 20
WW: 20
BO: 20
Increased Speed: 11
Berserk: 1
Double Throw: 1
Natural Resist: 1
All Pre-Reqs: 1

Double Throw Side Bar:

To double throw or not to double throw... For me the answer is obviously no—for 2 reasons. 1) I use .08 Arreat’s face so I don’t need the AR. This is kind of a cop-out though, since most people can’t get a legit .08 Arreats that won’t go poof on them. Don’t despair just yet, though, because... 2) You won’t need the AR from Double Throw anyway. I’ll cover this in more detail in the tactics section, but in brief...you will use a shield vs. barbs. Lvl 1 Double throw should be plenty of AR to hit any other class.

Increased Speed Side Bar:

I opted for 11 in Increased Speed, because that is what I need to hit Lvl 14 with items. Lvl 14 gives you 40%, with the returns dropping off dramatically thereafter. Remember, 40% from Increased speed gives you much more effective speed that 40% r/w from items/charms.


Str: 115 (176 with items)
Dex: 164 (209 with items)
Vitality: 286
Energy: 10

This lets you finish out at lvl 93—pretty high, but not unreasonable these days. (Note: I maxed Spear Mastery last, and you can get by fine with 15 or so points if you want to stop earlier.)

With this build, you will have a full arsenal of viable killing skills to throw at unsuspecting (and even experienced) opponents.

But wait—you might ask—isn’t this just a weak version of a hybrid barb? I would answer wholeheartedly “no.” OK—I don’t do 4k WW damage...but not that many barbs do. I can dish out, however:

2600 berserk at 9 frames
2400 WW
2000 Throw damage

All this without having to switch weapons, so I can use +3 Warcry Javs in slot 2—something your hybrid barb can’t do. That lets me get:

3591 Life
352 Mana

And personally, I have an S/S Barb. If I want to kill something with a sword—I’ll use him. If I’m going to use throwing weapons...I’m going to use throwing weapons.


This is basically the “how do I get there from here” section. Unfortunately, as with any Barb, Jav Barbs cost a mint to build. I’ll list what I use and a lower cost alternative when available.


To make this work, you MUST get Cruel Hyperion Javelins. They are not expensive if you buy them from someone who doesn’t realize how useful they are (and really...how many Jav Barbs have you seen?); they are as fast as Winged Harpoons; most importantly, they have nice 1h Damage. With base speed of –10, they offer the best combination of speed and all-around damage available—and the only realistic option for a meaningful 9 frame berserk.

I use:

Cruel Hyperion Javelin of Quality
290% ED/+2 Max Damage
113-220 Throw Damage
85-228 1H Damage


Cruel Hyperion Javelin of Slaying
272% ED/+6 Max Damage
107-214 Throw Damage
81-221 1H Damage

As you can see, they pack quite a punch. For pure throwing Max damage, Cruel Winged Harpoons will easily top Hyperion Javs. But when you factor in minimum damage, Hyperions close the gap considerably, and the 1H damage blows Winged Harpoons away.

Like I said, Hyperion Javs are generally inexpensive. While I’ve heard of serious duelers offering large amounts of SOJs for good Hyperions (OK...the 1 other guy I’ve come across who plays a similar barb), I picked up my 290’s for 4 sojs (I got the other free from a friend). You can also cube them with 3 perfect gems.

In Weapon slot 2, I have 2 echoing Glaives for +6 to Warcry.


I list this second, because this is, IMO, the 2nd most important piece of gear for the Jav Barb. If at all possible beg, borrow, or steal—OK don’t steal...we run a nice respectable forum here —but do anything you can to get a legit .08 Arreat’s Face. Why .08? Simple—no sockets in Javs=no Eth. The 15% target defense in .08 Arreats takes care of all you AR worries (and makes the Double Throw debate moot, as well). The added max damage is a bonus not to be underrated as well.

If you can’t get an .08 Arreats, an .09 will stand in respectably. You will suffer from the lack of an ITD-type attack though. Get the best leach you can afford.


There’s really only 1 choice here: Stormshield, I recommend a –reqs jewel in it. If you want a stand-in while you are saving up to buy your Storm, Whitstan’s guard offers good blocking. Really, though, you need a Storm.


I have 2 armors I use:

1) 4 Socket Wire Fleece: 60% IAS, 43% Enhanced Damage, +10 Minimum
2) Shaftstop

If I feel like dropping about 85 stones (and if I had them to drop—I’m pretty much tapped out after building my 2 barbs ), I’d make a 60% IAS, 120% ED. +15 Max armor (where I duel 60/160’s are banned—and as dupes, many disappear anyway).

For my purposes, though, my IAS/ED armor works fine. And since I made it, I know it’s not going anywhere. I wear the shaft vs. Barbs, and the IAS/ED vs. everyone else, including—ESPECIALLY—Zons (more on this later).

Note: You can pick up any normal dusk shroud, wire fleece, etc., in a cow run and use a normal socket quest on it for a guaranteed 4 sockets. Add 4 plain IAS jewels and you get a functional stand-in that performs the most critical role of this armor—the 60% IAS.


Cat’s Eye...really your only choice. IAS, R/W, and Dex—the only thing it’s missing is +skills, but we can’t always have it all.


1) Raven Frost: Mine is 20/163 simply because I never got around to upgrading it, and with .08 Arreats I don’t really miss the AR. You MUST wear one of these (or something with “Cannot be Frozen” on it)
2) Ok—prepare to cast fire, brimstone and flames at me, but I use Raven Spiral (West Pre-Xpac Dupe—Dual Leech, AR, Dex, Resist All) here. I have a legit dual leech with AR I found way back on my very first barb from NM Ormus (it took me weeks before I understood why everyone was so hyped up about dual leeches...didn’t Ormus always pass them out in NM?), but it’s on my S/S (who is, btw—100% legit). If everyone dueled 100% legitly, I would, too. But I’m not gong to kill myself trying to find the prefect legit item when everyone I know uses the easy to acquire dupes.

If you don’t want to use/can’t afford the Raven, use a legit dual leech if you have it, or any leech + AR ring here. Note: If you don’t get mana leech here, you may be on a long and exasperating search for Cruel Hyperion Javs of the Vampire.


Which Brings us to my...um...er...Imp Shank Boots (Another West Pre-Xpac Dupe—Dual fastest, +Str, +Resists). One last rationalization seems in order here. The only dupes I use are pre-XPac Dupes. They won’t disappear on you, and if Blizzard really wanted to get rid of them they could have easily deleted them all upon conversion.

In addition to any qualms you may have about dupes, I realize Imp Shanks are very expensive. Good Alternatives are low MF% War Travelers, IK Boots, Aldur’s Boots, or Rare boots with Fastest R/W and Fastest Hit Recovery (added stats or resists would be helpful here).


I use rare gloves with 20 IAS, dual stats, and 3 resists (legit, too). Any Gloves with 20 IAS are a good start. Adding leech would be nice, too. In a pinch you could use one of the set 20 IAS gloves.


I use 2 Belts, and I keep Meaning to pick up a third:

1) 7/15 String of Ears (too lazy to trade for an 8/15)—I wear this vs. Zons or any melee class.
2) Razortail—the added dex and damage is nice vs. Spell casters when you don’t need the DR
3) T-Gods is a nice belt to use against sorcs and FoH Pallys. I’ve just never got around to getting one because the sorcs that can kill me don’t do it with TS...they do it with Orb.

None of these belts are particularly expensive.


You will obviously want to socket everything you can. In case you don’t know, you should trade for clean items (unless you know and trust the trader)—the odds of an item being duped go up dramatically if it has a good jewel in it. Trading for duped jewels, on the other hand, makes no difference as long as you put the item in a socket. After you socket it, a duped jewel is just as good as a legit jewel (which is just as well since there is no way to tell).

For your jewels, you will have 4 goals:

1) IAS
2) Enhanced Damage
3) Max Damage (or Min Damage)
4) –Reqs

I use (or plan to in 1 case) the following:

1) Arreats: 39% ED/+14 Max
2) Jeweled Wyrmhide: 25% ED/15% IAS; 18% ED/15% IAS; +5 Min/15% IAS; +5 Min/15% IAS
3) Stormshield: 36% ED/-15 Reqs
4) Shaftstop (Still need an ED/IAS jewel—probably going in the 30 range—about 6-8 SOJs)

The rationale behind these jewels is fairly straightforward. First, the strength req on Storm is way too high for this build since javs don’t require much str, hence the –reqs jewel. The best 2nd Mod for –reqs (at least IMO) is ED.

The other jewels all relate to the IAS I need to max Double Throw and Berserk. In short, you need 55% IAS to hit the normal throw breakpoint for 10 frame throwing. Since my gloves and ammy give 40 IAS, I need 15 more. The ED/IAS on the Shaft fits the bill. I could have opted for ED/IAS in the Arreat’s, but that would have been wasted when I switch to the jeweled armor (see below), and it also renders the Arreats kind of worthless for anyone other than a throw barb...and there’s no point in that.

When I do switch to double throw, the 60 IAS form my jeweled armor brings me to 100, which hits the 4.5 frame (IIRC) break point for double throw. Just as importantly, it also hits the 9 frame breakpoint for both normal throw and berserk (again, more on this later). Since I don’t have to have the IAS from the Arreats in either scenario, ED/MAX is the best choice for it.

Again, though, these jewels are very expensive. You can (I did) get by with lesser jewels in your items:

1) Helm: plain ED jewel
2) 4 socket armor: 4 plain IAS jewels
3) Stormshield: plain –reqs jewel or Hel rune (Trading for a Hel’ed Storm is an exception I would make to the “trade for clean items” rule. There is almost no chance these items are duped, and they go for a substantial discount over a clean Storm.)
4) Shaftstop: plain IAS jewel


In your charms, you are looking for 5 things (in no particular order):

1) Run/Walk
2) Faster Hit recovery
3) +Masteries Skills
4) Damage
5) Life
6) Resists

1) Run/Walk: Speed is key for this build, both to dodge barbs and to pursue other classes. I like 150-175% on barbs. This is not as hard to come by as you may think. Here’s how I get to 160%:

  • Increased Speed—40%
  • Cat’s Eye—30%
  • Imp Shank—30%
  • Charms—60% (12 Small Charms)

2) Faster Hit Recovery: You need 30% to hit the first break point. With 20% coming from Imp Shank, you only need 2 FHR SCs to hit it.

3) +Masteries Skills: I have 1 +1 Masteries GC with about 25 Life. I chose to add this to get my Increased Speed to lvl 14, get my Natural resist to the point where all my resists are maxed in Nightmare (where I primarily duel), and to boost both my throwing and melee damage. 1 Masteries charm is a good investment IMO.

4) and...

5) You will need to balance your life and damage needs. I think 3500 life makes for a very durable barb. That leaves me some space for a couple straight damage charms (I have a 10 Max GC and a 3 Max SC with 2 Dex). I have a few Life/Max charms, but most of my best charms are on my S/S—as my senior barb he still enjoys right of first refusal.

6) If you are lacking in a particular resist (notably cold or lightning) here’s the place to compensate. Ideally, you can get your resists as a 2nd Mod for one of the above charms.

That last point applies to all charms. In a perfect world, we would all have fine/sharp/shimmering charms of vita/r/w/fhr. In the real world, good single mod charms can carry you a long way.


OK—enough about putting your barb together. What do you do once you’ve made him? Simple—go wreck some havoc on the unsuspecting. Here’s how I approach the different situations.

General Tactics

Aiming: this is the most important thing you need to learn as a thrower. Sometimes you will want to lock on and fire away. Other times you will want to lead your opponent and fire ahead of them so they can run into your javs. Figuring out when to do what will take practice. The only hard and fast rule I can give is that if someone is predictably circling you...lead them into your javs. Other than that you will have to practice and adapt. Oh—remember that you can hit people from off the screen. Make use of that fact to get people to chase you (when you want them to, that is) and to nail them from afar.

Hot Keys

Left Button: Berserk—always. I never switch this one
Right Button: Throw (or Double Throw)/WW—switch as appropriate.

When to Whirl

Again, you will have to practice. One of the best features of this build is its unpredictability. For example, get a barb chasing you...nail him with a few javs...clip him with a quick WW while he is on the run...then hit and run again. Mastering the attack switch is the hardest (and most fun) part about a jav barb. Practice, practice, practice. And...oh yeah...when you see the yellow crossed javs—time to switch to WW.


This is the funniest aspect of the Jav barb. Loaded up with r/w speed and sporting a 9 frame berserk, it is VERY easy to run up to most characters (NOT Barbs—and generally not SORCS) and dispatch them with 1 or 2 berserks. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the zons piss and moan while they pick up their corpses. Simply put, NO ONE expects 2k+ Berserk out of a jav barb. It is so effective, that it is basically my approach of choice vs Zons, Necro, most Pallys, and some Assassins. A little desync along the way doesn’t hurt your cuase either.


Sorcs are the reason I made this guy to begin with. Sure, if I load up my S/S with absorb, I can bore most Sorcs to death. In a fair fight though, good—even average Sorcs wear out WW barbs. Enter the double thrower. With 4.5 frame double throw you are a veritable machine gun. Obviously, I use my 2 jav set-up with the IAS armor. I also wear Razortail for this match-up (I’d wear T-Gods if I ever remembered to trade for 1).

If the Sorc is a poor teleporter (or does not have particularly good fast cast gear), get close and fire away. Game over. One handy trick is to click on the Sorc and hold down the mouse once their name appears (name lock). You will track them and nail them when they stop to cast.

For your better built and played sorcs, though, this won’t be enough. They can teleport faster than you can turn and fire, and they can teleport far enough away so you lose name-lock. Your best bet (and this won’t work all the time against the best sorcs...but it is your best bet) is to run to a corner. By sitting in a corner, you limit their teleport radius, and you can blanket the area with javs—greatly increasing the chance that you will hit them. Whatever you do, don’t chase a good sorc. Make them come to you.

Using this approach, I abuse poor sorcs (including most pubby sorcs—even in Hell) beat decent sorcs far more often than I lose, and hold my own against all but 1 or 2 of the best.


Again you will want to go with 2 Javs and Double Throw. You can do a lot of damage to Necro who is just off your screen with Double Throw. You can also do a LOT of damage to Necro with 9 frame berserk, and with a good WW. The attitude you take will depend on how good your opponent is. You can dispatch most Necros with Double Throw. You can also kill all but the fastest and best played very easily with berserk. WW is also a viable option. If your opponent is good, you can play more conservatively and nail him from off the screen with double throw. Then you can switch tactics accordingly if he decides he has to close the gap. In short, you have a lot of options which you will need to practice to decide which best fits your style (lately I’ve been favoring the berserk approach simply because it is unexpected and funny). Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security, though. Good Necros are tough.


Gogo 9 frame Berserk. This is the best way to kill Zons I have come across. DR Zon? No problem. Try a 2600 berserk on for size. Wear your Storm with your best jav, add your IAS armor and your String. Get them on the run and keep after them. Unless they are slow and/or knockback zons, chances are you’ll get them to desync and/or stop too long to shoot and nail them with a berserk or 2 before they can wear down your life. After you kill them try not to gloat...too much.

That said, some zons will still give you trouble. True hybrid zons can hit fast enough when jabbing to keep you from wiping them out with berserk very readily. And some times the desync gods will smile on the Zon. All in all though, I like my chances against Zons with this build.


Hit and Run Here. 1 jav + Storm, String, and Shaft. Make them come to you. If they are really good, they will deal more WW damage than you, so only hit them with WW when they are on the move or when you are out of javs (hopefully when they have very little life left). Think Muhammad Ali here—stick and move...stick and move. Your biggest problem here is the same desync that helps you vs. the other classes. If you find yourself in the middle of a WW—stop running!!! Tank it as best you can with your shield then get on your horse again. And if you happen to get a barb stuck in WW lock, nail them mercilessly. Lead them all over the map, pummeling them until you are sure they are dead. Then run them into a tree or something.

If you are facing a hybrid, try to get him to waste his javelins first (another handy feature about hyperons is the 100 stack size as compared to 80 for winged harps). Nail him from afar whenever he switches to javs, but most importantly keep running.

All in all though, Barb vs. Barb against a good barb is a tough match-up for a Jav barb. Desync is a tough foe to beat when he also has 3k+ ww.


Same approach as with barbs, but they are much less dangerous. Hit and run. One thing, if you find yourself being attacked, use WW to both nail them and free yourself up to resume the chase (them chasing you).


Treat melee Pallys like Barbs and Druids. They should pose you few problems. Deal With FoHers like you would with necros and sorcs—although you might want a shield here, depending upon how good your opponent is (meaning how versatile). The only way to know for sure is to pick an approach and see what happens. Change gear accordingly after the first go around.


In general, I wear a shield against assassins. If they are weak or pure trappers, 2 Javs is better. For melee assassins, ww and berserk both work well. For trappers use ww to break MB/WoF lock. Nail them with berserk if they don’t have enough fast cast. Otherwise, keep them under pressure with javs and use your WW to finish them.

Team Duels

I generally go with jav + shield for team duels. I will usually wear my IAS armor and String, switching to Shaft if the other side has a Zon/Necro combination that is giving us trouble. In a team duel, you can act as tank, fire support, and finisher, so you make a very versatile teammate. Your exact approach varies too much depending upon the make-up and skill level of the other team to address here. Again, you will have to practice.


Gogo Cow Level leech... Seriously, though, I can actually kill things in 8 ppl cows with both WW and berserk (I go jav + Storm, IAS Armor, String). If I team up with a necro we make very short work of even large groups of cows. Best of all, repair costs are VERY low.


All in all, I love my jav barb. He’s been a great diversion and change of pace from my S/S barb. Best of all, he’s fairly original and never fails to elicit either laughter or grumbling. Anyway, I hope you found this useful. Feel free to give me comments and feedback, and look me up on West if you ever want to try me.


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