The sinking of Submarine U33



As a young lad of some eighteen years of age I was working on a farm close to Cannock Chase for a little bit of pocket money during a weeks holiday.  As a treat the farmer who's farm I was working on took me and two others for a tour of his farm.  It was quite large, about a thousand plus acres, and it had two pools.   One that the local education department rented out for outward bound courses the other for private fishing.

As we rode round he said I have something special to show you, a few minutes later we drew up outside what looked like a very large house (it was possibly Dunstan Hall) we stopped and climbed out of his car.  Then we walked up to a set of very creaky doors, opened them and went in.  From what I can remember we stood in what I can only say was a very large hall with what were many large crates.  On the side of them were the names and ranks of what I was told were German military personal plus the symbol of the Iron Cross.

The farmer said "now don't tell anyone about this, I have been sworn to secrecy, these are the remains of German soldiers sailors and air force men that have died on British territory and are been stored here until they are buried in a national cemetery"

INDEX It later transpired that they would be buried in a military cemetery on Cannock chase

German cemitary cannock chase

Now years later while researching various events regarding my fathers involvement in Special Operations Executive and his involvement in setting up the explosives for "Claymore" I happened to have watched a film called "Enigma"