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Gangwondo, Dotorimuk Muchim and Gamja Buchim
Dotorimuk Muchim (seasoned acorn jelly)and
Gamja Buchim (pan-fried potatoes with vegetables)

Dotorimuk Muchim : Acorn jelly is thin-sliced and seasoned.

Gamja Buchim : Potatoes are grated and the juice is discarded. Shredded young squash (or zucchini), leeks, and young peppers are added to the settlings and mixed, and then pan-fried like pancakes.

Dotori (acorn), also called sangsuri, is mainly starchy. It has tannin, a special component, which has puckery taste and strong absorptive effect, which makes it effective in treating diarrhea.
Ingredients (Dotorimuk Muchim)
acorn starch jelly 300g, 1 cucumber, 1 young green pepper, 1 red pepper
* Seasoned soy sauce: soy sauce 3 Tbsp, red pepper powder 1 Tbsp, chopped green onions 1 Tbsp, chopped garlic Tbsp, sesame oil 1 Tbsp, crushed sesame seeds 1 Tbsp
1) Slice acorn starch jelly into 2x3x1cm size.
2) Cut cucumber in half and thin-slice. Split young green peppers, red peppers, remove seeds and slice diagonally.
3) Put vegetables and sliced jelly in a bowl, add seasoned soy sauce and mix slightly. Or put ingredients on a plate and sprinkle sauce on it.
Ingredients (Gamja Buchim)
5 potatoes, young zucchini, leek 50g, 5 young green pepper, 1 red pepper, salt, vegetable oil, seasoned soy sauce
1) Peel off potatoes and grate them. Squeeze the solids and rinse it several times in plain water. Let the liquid stand and let starch precipitated.
2) Shred young zucchini and slice leek into 5cm length. Slice green and red peppers round.
3) Discard the clear, upper water. Mix starch and solids; add zucchini, leek, and young green peppers. Season with salt.
4) On a greased pan, pour one ladle of dough thinly and cook both sides transparently.
5) Serve with seasoned soy sauce.

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